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A 3D interactive visualization program that works on multiple platforms and is full featured

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Glnemo2 is a multi-platform, interactive and open-source 3D visualization application that keep things simple and helps you to view particles positions of various components like dark matter halo, stars, gas, disk or bulge of an N-body snapshot.

Features at a glance

The application is very simple and designed with simplicity in mind, specifically for those of you who run N-body simulations, from isolated galaxies to cosmological simulations.

Other key features include a fast 3D engine powered by OpenGL and GLSL, support for various files (see the next paragraph for details), and the ability to display detailed information about the data by exposing dense areas, shapes or formation of structures, such as bars, spirals arms, clumps or peanuts of galaxies.

Its interactive graphical user interface is very basic and can be used to only display NEMO files, Gadget 1 and 2 (Little Endian and Big Endian) files, FTM files (Clayton Heller's sph/nbody code), RAMSES files, phiGRAPE files, as well as to connect to a real-time gyrfalcON simulation on the local network.

Under the hood, supported OSes and availability

A quick look under the hood will show us that the application is written entirely in the C++ programming language and its graphical user interface (GUI) is designed with the help of the cross-platform Qt GUI toolkit, which means that it can be successfully used on GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

On Linux, the application is available for download only as a source archive, requiring users to configure and compile the program prior to installation. Arch Linux users can easily install it directly from the user repositories.

You won’t find a better tool for interactive 3D visualization

All in all, Glnemo2 is a great application if you are looking for a free tool to read NEMO, RAMSES, phiGRAPE, FTM, Gadget 1 and 2 files, or real-time gyrfalcON simulations from the comfort of your Linux desktop. You won’t find a better tool for interactive 3D visualizations.

Glnemo2 was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on February 11th, 2015
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