Second Life Viewer Beta

A 3-D virtual world where anything is possible and where anyone can be who ever he or she wants to be

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What's new in Second Life Viewer Beta:

  • SH-2728 pants becoming "high waters"
  • SH-3455 Cleanup - remove temporary/old baked texture pipeline code from viewer once new homogenous grid is deployed
  • SH-3635 Investigate un-sticking outfit changes after a copy or link failure
  • SH-3652 Morph mask edits not visible to others after relog
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Second Life Viewer
Second Life is a commercial game, a 3D virtual world, a world of possibilities, as well as a place where you have the ability to do almost anything you can imagine. It also allows you to discover virtually everything from the infinite universe of the imagination, including space stations, Wild West towns, dungeons and cities in the sky.

Key features of Second Life

Second Life features exciting places and things, allows users to visit virtually every space that exists in the real world, including neighborhoods, nightclubs, shopping malls, sports arenas, libraries, churches, casinos.

Players will also be able to travel on foot, by trains, or by planes, and flying saucers or gondolas, mechanical unicorns, fearsome gun ships, smog-belching mech robots, giant snails, stardust-powered magic broomsticks, or even on your own power.

Mandatory requirements

To run the Second Life software, you will need a computer that has an 1GHz processor or higher, at least 512MB of RAM, a GeForce 2/ATI Radeon 8500 or better graphics cards, an Internet connection (preferably broadband (DSL/Cable Modem/LAN)), and a valid credit card, which will be used for sign up on the free trial.

Getting started with Second Life

To use Second Life on your GNU/Linux operating system, you will have to install it using the built-in file found inside the pre-built binary package that is available for download for free on Softpedia. Please note that the software is currently supported on 32-bit (i686) systems.

Download and save the file on your GNU/Linux computer, preferably on your Home directory, extract the package with an archive manager utility, open a terminal window, and run the ‘sh’ script as root or as a user with privileges using sudo in front of the command. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Second Life.

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