xcowsay 1.3

xcowsay is a cute cow for your Linux desktop.
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xcowsay is a cute cow for your Linux desktop. Inspired by the original cowsay.

Usage: xcowsay [OPTION]... [MESSAGE]...
Display a cow on your desktop with MESSAGE or standard input.

-h, --help Display this message and exit.
-v, --version Print version information.
-t, --time=SECONDS Number of seconds to display message for
-r, --reading-speed=N Number of milliseconds to delay per word.
-f, --font=FONT Set message font (Pango format).
-d, --daemon Run xcowsay in daemon mode.
--cow-size=SIZE Size of the cow (small, med, large).
--debug Keep daemon attached to terminal.

Default values for these options can be specified in the xcowsay config
file. See the man page for more information.

If the display_time option is not set the display time will be calcuated
from the reading_speed parameter multiplied by the word count.

Installation instructions:

make install

If you don't want DBus support configure with --disable-dbus

Main features:

  • Fully configurable!
  • Calculates display time from amount of text
  • Daemon mode! Send your cow messages over DBus!
  • Three different sized cows provided
  • fortune(6) wrapper program: xcowfortune - cow will deliver pearls of wisdom!
  • Replace the naffness that is xmessage
  • Should work with any window manager
  • Supports UTF-8 characters properly

last updated on:
November 12th, 2010, 8:59 GMT
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developed by:
Nick Gasson
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Tools
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2 Screenshots
What's New in This Release:
  • This release fixes a number of minor bugs and adds several requested features including: word wrapping if text is too wide to fit on the screen; an option to display the bubble on the left side of the cow; an option to display the cow with no timeout; and updated translations.
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