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Folder Sizes 1.0

Calculate total sizes of folders and sub-folders.

Sep 30th 2010, 09:57 GMT

fs-check 0.9

fs-check checks filesystem sizes to see if they are getting too full.

Jul 4th 2008, 12:34 GMT

Compare Folders 3

Compare files, folders, and CRC32, MD5, SHA1 checksums in XML format.

Jul 3rd 2008, 09:02 GMT

Sampsize 0.6.0

Sampsize is a tool that computes sample size and power for surveys, comparative studies including ...

Apr 16th 2008, 08:45 GMT

dpkg-du 0.1

dpkg-du is a quick little script to produce a dump of the installed size of Debian packages in du ...

Apr 23rd 2007, 16:53 GMT

Pysize 0.2

Pysize is a graphical and console tool for exploring the size of directories.

Mar 12th 2007, 06:35 GMT
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JTicTacToe 0.1.0

JTicTacToe is a version of the popular boardgame "Tic Tac Toe".

Jan 16th 2007, 03:05 GMT

htmloptim 1.2

htmloptim reduces the size of an HTML file by removing unnecessary characters like spaces, tabs, l...

Aug 11th 2006, 16:28 GMT