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EncFSman 1.01

Effortleslly create and manage encrypted filesystems with this handy GTK utility

Aug 21st 2013, 01:28 GMT

KWallet Askpass Program 0.0.3

Fetches your SSH passphrase from KWallet

Jan 17th 2012, 00:39 GMT

Cryptofile Applet 0.4

Provides passphrase to loop devices

Jun 26th 2009, 12:35 GMT

gnome-gpg 0.6.0

gnome-gpg is is a simple commandline wrapper around gpg that makes it store its passphrase in gnom...

Feb 18th 2008, 18:39 GMT

wpa-buddy 0.21

wpa-buddy is a tool to decrypt WPA-PSK protected traffic, given the passphrase.

Feb 1st 2007, 07:35 GMT


wmpasman stores your passwords, and makes them available for pasting at the click of a button.

Oct 12th 2005, 06:05 GMT