tren Changelog

New in version 1.239

November 30th, 2010
  • FIXED: Backups weren't being improperly named.
  • FIXED: Changed TREN envvar processing to properly parse quoting.
  • FIXED: Each renaming target must either be something that exists or a wildcard that expands to something that exists. Formerly, nonexistent renaming targets were silently ignored.
  • NEW: Debug now shows the incremental change to each file name as each renaming request is applied left-to-right. Use -dq to see this more clearly.
  • NEW: The environment variable TRENINCL is now supported. This allows you to specify a path to search when looking for include files.
  • NEW: Implemented /NAMESOFAR/ renaming token.
  • NEW: Added -e type case conversion option - new kind of renaming request.
  • c - Capitalize
  • l - Lower
  • s - Swap case
  • t - Title -> Char's followiing non-alpha are capitalized
  • u - Upper
  • NEW: Added -T option to allow user to "target" a substring of the full filename for renaming
  • OTHER: Documentation additions and updates including clarification of old features, description of new features, and improved table-of-contents for PDF and PS document formats.