s-nail Changelog

New in version 14.5.1

January 9th, 2014
  • Fixed segmentation faults / bus errors when setting *nofolder* / *line-editor-cursor-right* to the null string (only with WANT_NCL), respectively. [d1f1a19b, 21e5c285, 9f6ff25d]
  • *prompt* handling is now really POSIX compliant (thus no prompting occurs not only for 'set noprompt', but also for setting *prompt* to the null string). This was indeed a rather large changeset that also introduced the new *prompt* escape character \&, which expands to `?' by default and to `&' if *bsdcompat* is set. Like that we now can simply assign "\& " to *prompt* at program startup, which (a) allows to do 'set noprompt' without error (once) and (b) allows for POSIX compliance in respect to prompt handling without any complicated conditional code, but (c) gives us the opportunity to continue to support BSD prompts. [0dfe53db]
  • For completeness: new command: `features'. (Rather useful for being able to implement more tests in the future, and act according to what is really compiled into the tested binary
  • The `-#' command line option now also sets *quiet* by itself. [7b5a5c87]
  • nail.1: a newly introduced empty line in the manual produced error messages on some systems. Fixed
  • The return value of the `mimetypes' command has been reversed and should now be fixed. [acf56ac52]
  • In threaded display the Subject: followup suppression no longer takes into account invisible messages. Also, rudely hack in a messages-already-written-in-this-round counter, so that the followup suppression knows when "the top of the screen" is reached, which (seems to) help(s) against missing subjects up there as well as after a `newmail'. [topic/subject]
  • Added a WANT_REGEX=1 toggle in `conf.rc'. When we find regular expressions then a new regex-enabled IMAP-style search is available (see the manual for more) [1ec8fe68]