rlwrap Changelog

New in version 0.36

January 18th, 2010
  • Output from very busy commands would not always be printed on time.
  • When rlwrap kills itself after a command crash it will not dump core, in order to avoid clobbering command's core dump.
  • Premature filter death is now reported properly (it used to only say: "EOF reading from filter" or "Broken pipe writing to filter").

New in version 0.35 (January 8th, 2010)

  • Corrected array bounds error in my_putstr("") (which could make
  • rlwrap write an extra newline when exiting, but might even crash
  • on some systems)
  • Many small improvements and fixes for multi-line input:
  • Multi-line inputs are now written to the inferior command one
  • line at a time, so that command's response (e.g. a continuation
  • prompt) can be interleaved with the echo'ed (multi-line) input.
  • Calling an external editor will no longer obliterate the prompt,
  • and line/column positions are now correct.
  • After a multi-line edit in vi-mode, the cursor will no longer
  • end up one line too high.
  • CTRL-D on an empty line was handed directly to command, but also
  • (erroneously) put in readline's input buffer
  • Many small fixes and improvements in signal handling:
  • SIGSEGV, and other "error" signals like SIGFPE, are now unblocked
  • all of the time, so that rlwrap can always clean up after a crash.
  • Since version 0.25 rlrwap's transparency extends to signals: if
  • the inferior command segfaults, rlwrap will kill itself with a
  • SIGSEGV. In order to get the bug reports where they belong,
  • rlwrap now reports explicitly that it has not crashed itself.
  • rlwrap's call to sigaction forgot to set the signal mask (!)
  • Continuing after CTRL-Z on QNX now wakes up command
  • Added --one-shot (-o) and --only-cook (-O) options
  • debug log is now in a format that works well with emacs' grep-mode
  • rlwrap's bindable readline function names (like rlwrap-call-editor) are
  • now in hyphen-style instead of underscore_style (use of the
  • old_style_names will now be flagged as an error)
  • Filters can now prevent a prompt from being cooked by "rejecting" it.
  • Rlwrapfilter.pm would set $_ incorrectly in echo and output handlers.
  • RlwrapFilter.pm manpage is now created by newer (and less buggy)
  • version of pod2man
  • Added EXAMPLES section and -t option to rlwrap manpage

New in version 0.34 (December 20th, 2009)

  • prefix arguments are now correctly reset (M-5 a b now yields aaaaab instead of aaaaabbbbb)

New in version 0.32 (October 5th, 2009)

  • rlwrap can now use filters - external programs that re-write prompts, history, input, and/or output and can be used for programmable completion.
  • A Perl module for easy filter writing is included.