rTorrent Changelog

New in version 0.8.6

March 18th, 2010
  • Added a simple scheduler framework.Don't send numwant in STOPPED messages as some trackers are stupid about it.Reintroduced clearing of epoll event list when a socket is closed asit might cause race conditions.Added cppUnit test framework. Tests will be added on rather unregular basis.Logging for SCGI calls.Fixed handling of errors when writing out session torrents, itshould no longer hit an infinite loop.Fixed a bug that would cause reading of a piece to hang rtorrent ifthe incoming data contains only data up to a file boundary, but notthe next file's data.Fixes a file handle leak in the execute_capture functions. Patch byJosef Drexler.Fixed crash on empty bitfield in 'd.bitfield'.Fixed the Object::flag_unordered code to handle initial zero-lengthkeys. Ticket #1950.Made torrent::Rate::rate_type uint64_t and added sanity checks dueto reports of bad download/upload values being reported to sometrackers.