pstoedit Changelog

New in version 3.62

August 16th, 2014
  • new backend generating PowerPoint pptx files contributed by Scott Pakin. Big thanks!!! This backend uses the zip library .
  • improved handling of composite fonts, especially those having FMapType other than 2
  • fixed a bug in detecting rectangles.
  • improved bounding box tracing in case of text (but it is still not perfect).
  • changed the creation of filenames when using the -split option. Related to that there is new option -pagenumberformat. See manual for more details.
  • fixed a bug in passing generic libplot arguments to the libplot drivers.
  • improved support for 64-bit systems related the integration of pstoedit to gsview.
  • include a version info resource in pstoedit's windows exe and DLLs.
  • include a work-around for a Hurd specific problem with dlclose.

New in version 3.61 (November 6th, 2012)

  • fixed a bug in handling of -page option
  • improved support for 64-bit systems related to different version of ghostscript
  • added some features for supporting the LaOS project (

New in version 3.50 (August 11th, 2009)

  • added an option (-gs) to specify the full path to GhostScript (under Windows - either the .exe or the DLL). This can be used by portable applications to direct pstoedit to use a specific GhostScript version.
  • Stanislav Brabec contributed several improvements to the PCB driver. See on how these can be useful.
  • Scott Pakin submitted several improvements to the mpost driver and the font substitution mechanism.
  • new driver for .vtk files e.g. for ParaView - - but this is still a very basic version. Thanks to Mitesh Patel for initiating and testing.
  • new driver for cairo ( ) contributed by Dan McMahill. This driver generates C-code which can be compiled and linked against the cairo libraries. See the contrib/cairo directory for an example.
  • several improvements on the DXF driver as suggested and sponsored by Markus Meyer.
  • because pstoedit may write its output to stdout, all output written by GhostScript to stdout is now redirected to stderr in order to avoid mixed output.
  • added a -q option to suppress the initial startup message of pstoedit. This can by useful when being called via a pipe, e.g. from inkscape. However, note that this does not suppress all output written to stderr - see also note above.
  • John Bowman fixed a number of problems related to clipping and image support for the Asymptote backend.
  • fixed a compilation problem with g++ V4.x.
  • new driver for gcode (.ngc files) (tested with emc see Contributed by Lawrence Glaister.
  • some adaptations for newer versions of libming
  • fixed a line width problem for xfig format.
  • corrected the broken pstoedit.m4 - thanks to Ian Abbott
  • some minor code beautifying.