New in version 0.7.1

August 14th, 2011
  • The "hello Poland" release
  • Added Polish translation (thanks to Krystian Maksymowicz)

New in version 0.7.0 (June 27th, 2011)

  • The "we can use ICQ again!" release
  • Blocked ICQ auth requests no longer lead to popup windows (pidgin >= 2.8.0)
  • Fixed a logic error that would cause the user info dialog not to be shown automatically when suppression of repeated auth requests was disabled
  • Added option to block authorization requests that contain hyperlinks
  • Added option to deny authorization requests using a regular expression (thanks to Daniel Borca)
  • Corrected text for the "Suppress repeated authorization requests" option
  • Changed license to GPLv3
  • Added Russian translation (thanks to Anatoliy Kozlov)
  • Updated German translation (thanks to Mario Siegmann)
  • Code cleanup

New in version 0.6.4 (November 5th, 2010)

  • An issue where known buddies had to answer the bot-check question has been fixed

New in version 0.6.3 (July 12th, 2010)

  • The "sprechen Sie deutsch?" release
  • Thanks to the #pidgin-de community for suggestions and testing
  • Added German translation from Mario Siegmann
  • Re-arranged configuration options into tabs
  • Show the correct version number on Windows
  • Fixed a segfault when removing users from the plugin's block list

New in version 0.6.2 (July 9th, 2010)

  • The "and we're back" release
  • pidgin-privacy-please is now translatable
  • Accept all messages that belong to existing conversations
  • Added option to specifically block OSCAR (ICQ/AIM) authorization requests
  • Added option to block people using a regular expression
  • Added option to block messages using a regular expression
  • Added challenge-response bot-check

New in version 0.6.1 (October 23rd, 2009)

  • This release fixes an issue that would cause recent Pidgin versions to segfault when a contact group was right-clicked.

New in version 0.6.0 (August 25th, 2009)

  • The "return of the funny names" release
  • We now block people ourselves instead of (ab)using pidgin's privacy options
  • Added support for blocking AOL system messages

New in version 0.5.3 (March 16th, 2009)

  • A bug that could cause segfaults on auto-reply was fixed.

New in version 0.5.2 (October 17th, 2008)

  • This release fixes build issues on Windows.
  • It removes pidgin patches since they are no longer necessary.