phpSysInfo Changelog

New in version 3.1.9

February 8th, 2014
  • [NEW] New plugin DMRaid - software raid status
  • [ADD] Calculate, Tails, SMEServer, Semplice, SolydXK, Parsix, RedFlag, Amazon, Korora, OpenMandriva, SteamOS, ROSA Enterprise Server and ROSA Desktop Fresh to detected distros
  • [UPD] Rebuilding of the Linux distribution detection
  • [UPD] jQuery 2.1.0 and jQuery 1.11.0

New in version 3.1.0 (January 19th, 2013)

  • [NEW] Configuration moved from config.php and subdirs of "plugins" to one file phpsysinfo.ini
  • [ADD] Turbolinux, Oracle Linux, CloudLinux, PCLinuxOS, StartOS, Trisquel, CRUX, Slax, Pear, Android, Zorin and elementary OS to detected distros
  • [ADD] Show System Language and Code Page on Linux, Haiku and WINNT
  • [ADD] Minor support of ReactOS
  • [ADD] apcupsd-cgi support (thanks to duhast)
  • [UPD] Plugin ipmi renamed to IPMIInfo and Update-Notifier to UpdateNotifier (to avoid name conflicts)
  • [UPD] Case-insensitive for most of parameters
  • [UPD] Detection of Mac OS X and Linux distribution
  • [UPD] CPU detection on Mac OS X
  • [FIX] Fixed UTF8 encoding for Linux
  • [FIX] SMART plugin doesn't display for some results
  • [FIX] Incorrect display of mountpoint on Mac OS X