phpMyFAQ Changelog

New in version 2.8.7

February 6th, 2014
  • Fixed PHP 5.4 related issue introduced in 2.8.6

New in version 2.8.6 (February 5th, 2014)

  • Fixed IE8/9 only XSS and CSRF vulnerabilities (advisory)
  • updated Hungarian translation
  • updated Spanish translation
  • updated bundled Symfony ClassLoader to version 2.4.1
  • fixed some minor bugs

New in version 2.8.5 (January 4th, 2014)

  • fixed SSO logins with mod_auth_kerb
  • improved HTTPS handling
  • updated Dutch translation
  • updated European Portuguese translation
  • fixed some minor bugs

New in version 2.8.4 (November 27th, 2013)

  • fixed possible arbitrary PHP code execution
  • updated Chinese (Traditional) translation
  • updated Dutch translation
  • fixed some minor bugs

New in version 2.8.3 (November 19th, 2013)

  • fixed missing permission check on Image Manager (advisory)
  • improved HTML / CSS code
  • updated Brazilian Portuguese translation
  • updated Japanese translation
  • updated Spanish translation
  • update Swedish translation
  • fixed some minor bugs

New in version 2.8.2 (July 26th, 2013)

  • added French Canada translation
  • improved attachment upload dialog with HTML5 File API
  • updated Finnish translation
  • fixed some minor bugs

New in version 2.8.1 (June 27th, 2013)

  • added support for Grunt
  • added minified CSS and JavaScript code
  • improved usability for group administration
  • fixed broken updates for MS SQL and SQLite
  • fixed IE8 related JavaScript issues
  • fixed HTML5 validation errors
  • fixed Arabic translation
  • fixed some minor bugs

New in version 2.8.0 (May 22nd, 2013)

  • changed PHP requirement to PHP 5.3.3 and later
  • phpMyFAQ is now licensed under the terms of Mozilla Public License 2.0
  • added new and improved frontend and backend user interface based on Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.2
  • added multi site support
  • added auto-save for FAQs during editing
  • added improved advanced search in subcategories
  • added possibility to close and delete open questions
  • added possibility to delete multiple open questions
  • added user control panel
  • added support for Composer
  • added configurable maintenance mode
  • added user notification for answered questions
  • added possibility to deactivate complete FAQ export
  • added possibility to random sorting of FAQs
  • added documentation in Markdown with GitHub style HTML export
  • added support for Gravatar
  • added user statistic report in admin dashboard
  • improved usability of administration backend
  • improved setup and update
  • improved security with salted passwords
  • improved attachment functionality
  • improved CSS development with LESS
  • improved minified CSS output
  • simplified the link verification
  • dropped support for IBM DB2, Interbase/Firebird and Sybase
  • dropped support for PHP register_globals and magic_quotes_gpc
  • dropped support for Google Translate API v1
  • dropped support for Delicious
  • updated bundled jQuery to version 1.9.1
  • updated bundled Modernizr to version 2.6.2
  • updated bundled TinyMCE to version 3.5.7
  • updated bundled Symfony ClassLoader to version 2.2.1
  • updated bundled Font Awesome to version 3.1
  • updated bundled jQuery Sparklines to version 2.1.1
  • updated PHP dependency management using Composer
  • updated Czech translation
  • updated Portuguese translation
  • fixed some bugs

New in version 2.8.0 RC3 (March 15th, 2013)

  • improved English and German translations
  • improved user interface
  • fixed various JavaScript and PHP issues