PDFtk Free Changelog

New in version 2.02

February 4th, 2014
  • Added drop_xmp output option for removing the document XMP metadata stream from a PDF.
  • Added dump_data output of custom page data embedded by STAMPtk tool. See the embed option in STAMPtk for more information.
  • Improved PDF bookmark merging logic so it can handle more input cases.
  • Fixed a password bug where some 'upper-ASCII' characters weren't being mapped to the correct code points.
  • Fixed a 40-bit decryption bug introduced in version 2.00.
  • Fixed a bug in the bookmark merging logic that caused bookmarks to be omitted from the merged PDF.
  • Added a test to ensure that encryption passwords use permitted characters only. (Decryption attempts still allow a larger set of input characters.)
  • Rewrote the wide-to-utf8 code for Windows to make it more rigorous.
  • Organized our calls of JvInitClass() in main().
  • Added descriptions to some exception reports.
  • Reviewed some code from pdftk.cc, PdfReader.java, PdfWriter.java and friends.

New in version 1.44 (October 30th, 2010)

  • Added new feature for collating PDF page scans: shuffle. Please see the man page for usage details.
  • Introduced update_info_utf8, dump_data_utf8 and dump_data_fields_utf8 to provide UTF-8 companions to update_info, dump_data and dump_data_fields. These latter operations use XML numerical entities to encode non-ASCII characters. In version 1.43, we changed the encoding for update_info to UTF-8, but that made it incompatible with dump_data and also broke some downstream applications. By introducing these UTF-8 operations, we can revert update_info to its original behavior.
  • Burst feature now copies the metadata (including XMP) from the input file to the output pages.
  • Updated Bouncy Castle library to 1.45.
  • Removed or replaced third-party code that wasn’t compatible with pdftk’s GPL license.
  • Updated third-party license information.

New in version 1.43 (October 6th, 2010)

  • This maintenance release fixes many bugs and adds a couple features.