numactl Changelog

New in version 2.0.10

June 22nd, 2015
  • numactl: numactl check for NUMA available (Elena Ufimtseva)
  • numactl: fix numactl --show and preferrred node (Bill Gray)
  • makefile: remove warning about missing .depend (Filipe Brandenburger)

New in version 2.0.9 (October 9th, 2013)

  • Add a prototype for numa_bitmask_weight (Cliff W.)
  • Fix hubstats huge pages bug, version number, man page (Bill Gray)
  • Disable the regress-io test (Cliff W.)
  • Fix typos in numactl man page; add short opts to --help (Petr Holasek)
  • numactl: option --all/-a added for policy settings (Petr Holasek)
  • libnuma: new function numa_run_on_node_mask_all (Petr Holasek)

New in version 2.0.8 (October 12th, 2012)

  • 110818 Checking of sucessful allocations in numademo (Petr Holasek)
  • 110823 Fix of numactl (--touch) warnings and man page (Cliff W.)
  • 111214 Add "same" nodemask alias to numactl (Andi Kleen)
  • 111214 Add constructors for numa_init/exit (Andi Kleen)
  • 111214 Add use of glibc syscall stub where possible (Andi Kleen)
  • 111214 Fix regress1 to show all the problems before exiting (Andi Kleen)
  • 111214 Add IO affinity support (Andi Kleen)
  • 111214 Clean regression test temp files (Andi Kleen)
  • 111214 Add an option to memhog to disable transparent huge pages (Andi Kleen)
  • 111214 Fix the test suite on systems that force THP, disable them (Andi Kleen)
  • 120106 Install man pages migspeed, migratepages and numastat (Petr Holasek)
  • 120106 Warnings in numa_node_to_cpus_v1 to be more verbose (Petr Holasek)
  • 120216 Fix for numademo: msize check for ptrchase test (Petr Holasek)
  • 120823 Fix calculation of maxconfiguredcpu (Petr Holasek)
  • 120823 Fix: do not recalculate maxconfiguredcpu (Petr Holasek)
  • 120823 v.1.3 numa_num_possible_cpus symbol is exported (Petr Holasek)
  • 120823 Add all versions of numa_parse_{cpu,node}string() (Petr Holasek)
  • 120823 Add numa_parse_cpustring take a const char* parameter (Petr Holasek)
  • 120823 Fix unused bufferlen variable (Petr Holasek)
  • 120823 Fix warnings when there are holes in numbering of nodes (Petr Holasek)
  • 120911 Show distances on machines without a node 0 (Petr Holasek)
  • 121007 Replace perl numastat with a C command (Bill Gray)
  • 121011 Allow an install location PREFIX in the Makefile (Frank Tampe)

New in version 2.0.6 (December 29th, 2010)

  • Correct numa_max_node() use of broken numa_num_configured_nodes() (Tim Pepper)
  • Use numa_max_node() not numa_num_configured_nodes() (Tim Pepper)
  • Fix numa_num_configured_nodes() to match man page description (Tim Pepper)
  • Clarify comment for numa_all_nodes_ptr extern (Tim Pepper)
  • numactl --hardware should handle sparse node numbering (Tim Pepper)
  • Maintain compatibility with 2.0.3 numa_num_thread...()'s (Cliff W.)
  • numa_num_task_cpus()/..nodes() to return actual counts (Cliff W.)
  • Fix numa_get_run_node_mask() to return a cpuset-aware node mask (Cliff W.)
  • Add a better warning to numa_node_to_cpus()
  • Fix numa_get_mems_allowed() to use MPOL_F_MEMS_ALLOWED (Michael Spiegel)

New in version 2.0.4 (July 27th, 2010)

  • Fix numactl for a machine with sparse cpu ids (Anton Blanchard)
  • Fix makefile to remove move_pages on make clean (Andi)
  • Fix numa_node_to_cpus() (Sharyathi Nagesh)
  • Rename 'thread' to 'task' (L.S.)
  • Remove other trailing spaces (Cliff)
  • Man page correction/clarification for numa_node_to_cpus() (Ian Wienand)
  • Man page clarification for numactl (Mike MacCana)
  • Fix numactl --hardware for cpu-less nodes (Thomas Renninger)
  • Fix set_configured_cpus() (Jan Beulich)
  • Fix memory corrupting use of strlen (Jan Beulich)
  • Add a DSO destructor for memory deallocation (Neil Horman)