mu Changelog

New in version

March 30th, 2013
  • mu/mu4e now supports 'related' messages (a la Gmail).
  • Support for querying specific mailing lists was added.
  • Guile scripts were integrated ('mu script').
  • Support for embedded tags was improved, 'human dates' were implemented, and many other improvements were made.

New in version 0.9.9 (October 16th, 2012)

  • This version adds crypto-support for both mu and mu4e, improved support for non-ASCII, and a number of performance improvements. mu4e, the Emacs frontend, has been given many UI improvements, more powerful extensibility, and much-improved documentation.

New in version (July 2nd, 2012)

  • This version supports larger amounts of email and improves non-Latin support.
  • Mu4e (the Emacs frontend) now support address autocompletion based on the hottest addresses in your mail corpus, richtext email with org-mode, navigation through all queries, narrowing of search results, support for inline images, and more.

New in version (May 9th, 2012)

  • This version has some important improvements for the core system and major new features for mu4e, the emacs frontend.
  • The latter now allows for arbitrary user-defined actions for messages or attachments, marking threads, and regexp-marking.
  • International (non-Latin) searching is much better supported now.

New in version (April 9th, 2012)

  • many improvements, fixes

New in version (February 18th, 2012)

  • Various small updates and improvements, mostly in the emacs frontend ("mu4e").
  • Attachment handling was improved, some small fixes were made, and documentation was improved.

New in version 0.9.8 (February 1st, 2012)

  • This version includes an Emacs-based email client ("mu4e"), much-improved guile bindings, searching for attachment mime types and searching inside any text part of a message, and more tests and improvements in many parts of the code.

New in version 0.9.8 Alpha 3 (January 8th, 2012)

  • This version adds searches for attachment MIME type, and searching inside attachments.
  • It also sees the first release of mu4e, an emacs email client ("mu4e") and much improved Guile bindings and documentation.
  • There are quite a few internal improvements as well.

New in version 0.9.6 (June 2nd, 2011)

  • mu now supports wild-card searching in most fields: "mu find 'car*'".
  • You can search for messages based on attachment file names and get colorized output using --color.
  • There were some bugfixes and optimizations.