mspsim Changelog

New in version 0.95

November 24th, 2008
  • initial GDB stubs implementation (only for memory access)
  • CLI command for setting up gdbstubs server (gdbstubs PORT)
  • fixed USART timing to be more correct
  • added Ant build script
  • cleanup of CLI and platforms
  • fixed statistics to be more correct
  • added SimEvent for notications of start/stop of emulator
  • CORE: bugfix in read/write SR
  • made it impossible to turn of interrupts
  • improved CC2420 support including correct overflow handling and better handling of VREG_OFF
  • added logging on/off from CLI and support for loggin CC2420
  • added CLI commands tee and trig.

New in version 0.92 (September 8th, 2008)

  • A bug with a write register which did not handle word/byte was fixed.
  • Several bugs in the timer code were fixed.
  • Bugs in the MSP430 core (regarding instruction emulation) were fixed.
  • The cycle count on some instructions was corrected.
  • CC2420 emulation was improved.
  • The Telos platform was added, including AT45DB flash memory chip.