modelGUI Changelog

New in version 1.0.20 Alpha

January 8th, 2014
  • Added features include: support for MINC format image files (limited at present to Linux OS, and reading functions); improved Volume3D functionality; improved Pipeline functionality, including a new minc-tools process library; and several bug fixes.
  • Outstanding features to implement before the beta release include: fully implemented Project functionality, including a Project Panel; fully implemented XML I/O for the the ModelGUI Session, particularly Shape Models (mostly complete), Windows, Projects, Pipelines (complete), Environments, Graphs (mostly complete), and Data Sources (complete); a more robust Volume3D Input Dialog Box; and a number of critical bug fixes.
  • Further down the road, we'd like to implement: better Query functionality; Print Layouts for visualizing and outputting data in a more controlled fashion; region-of-interest (ROI) functionality, which will better allow atlas integration, querying, database interaction, and object labelling; 4D shapes (i.e., including a temporal dimension); better CAD and statistical functionality; a computational modelling framework and GUI.

New in version 1.0.16 Alpha (November 3rd, 2012)

  • This is the 16th alpha release, which adds some useful functionality, particularly 3D composite volumes, which allows multiple images to be rendered as composites in both 2D and 3D. Other improvements include 2D rendering of sections, moving of all sections to a given 3D point, and numerous bug fixes. Enjoy!

New in version 1.0.15 Alpha (August 17th, 2012)

  • The 15th alpha release of ModelGUI is now available for download from the Launchpad site. This release has improved functionality for a variety of modules, including improved Graph3D loading and visualization (with the option to make edges transparent), Graph2D rendering on section sets, and more available Datasource features. A number of minor bugs have also been fixed.

New in version 1.0.10 Alpha (November 8th, 2011)

  • This release contains mostly improvements made to data source functionality; particular that of PostgreSQL connectivity. A variety of additional fixes to volumes, graphs, shape queries, and so on, are also included. The logging system is updated, and the overall tidiness of the installation is much enhanced. Java3D is now included among the dependencies, removing a major headache in the installation process.

New in version 1.0.8 Alpha (May 30th, 2011)

  • Data Source Panel:
  • Improved PostgreSQL support
  • Functional Data Queries
  • XML persistence of data sources + queries
  • Windowing:
  • Adjustable split panels
  • Context menu options
  • Shapes:
  • Data operations (using GNU version of JEP)
  • Node selection tool
  • Improved mesh rendering

New in version 1.0.7 Alpha (March 27th, 2011)

  • 3D graph rendering, based on the Jung API
  • Improved database connectivity, including support for PostgreSQL
  • Many bug fixes

New in version 1.0.5 Alpha (August 7th, 2010)

  • Improved GUI
  • Surface-to-volume projection
  • Improved Pipelines and Projects
  • View3D I/O
  • well as a number of fixes (see the Changelog for details). Although much remains experimental, this interim release takes the project a step towards realizing the objectives for the mgui-1.0.0-beta release.

New in version 1.0.4 Alpha (May 24th, 2010)

  • Improved picking and querying (including 2D volume querying)
  • A modified Shape Panel, including a histogram display and multiple data source links
  • An enhanced GUI, particularly combo boxes
  • Lots of small updates, fixes, improvements, etc.