metaf2xml Changelog

New in version 1.54

December 30th, 2013
  • parser, src2raw,, cgi,
  • make message prefixes SYNOP and BUOY deprecated
  • parser, xsl, dtd, lang:
  • TAF: recognise QNH and temperature forecast
  • metaf-sum, cgi:
  • summary: fetch and display TAF, too

New in version 1.53 (September 30th, 2013)

  • parser, xsl, dtd, lang:
  • SYNOP section 3: process groups 918sqDp, 919MwDa, 97[5-9]vpDp, 959vpDp
  • parser, xsl, metaf-sum, dtd:
  • SYNOP section 9: process group 0dxdxfxfx for DE
  • metaf-add, ui, dtd, lang, cgi:
  • distinguish SYNOP by station type (wmo,ship,mobil) instead of source (land,ship)
  • xsl, metaf-sum:
  • SYNOP: show offset to actual obs. time
  • support GUI demo with browsers based on WebKit
  • metaf-sum, lang:
  • improve handling of summary header
  • metaf-sum:
  • wind: show direction for gusts, use 1 column instead of 2
  • mark derived humidity
  • parser, src2raw,, cgi,
  • allow and make check for exact Perl module version
  • xsl, ui, cgi, css,
  • move style to CSS file to allow stricter CSP directives
  • parser, xsl, metaf-sum, lang, cgi:
  • if data source is DB: also get station info from DB
  • parser:
  • SYNOP section 3: allow ///// as 5j1j2j3j4 group. process tempMax, tempMin for MOBIL
  • parser,
  • allow character data in "empty" nodes
  • settings can be provided as arguments. extend description of installation
  • fix installation of files having CRLF as end-of-line
  • improve installation of man pages
  • metaf-add:
  • adapt to changes in DTD, stations.xml. improve namespace handling

New in version 1.51 (February 21st, 2013)

  • parser, xsl, dtd:
  • METAR/TAF: use code table 1690 for heights and vert. vis. except for US
  • parser, xsl, metaf-sum, dtd:
  • SYNOP US: use FMH-2 instead of code table 1600 for base of lowest cloud
  • parser, xsl, dtd, lang:
  • extend processing of SAO
  • parser, XML, xsl, dtd:
  • METAR: 5 groups handled as extensions become remarks

New in version 1.50 (November 2nd, 2012)

  • dtd, ui, cgi:
  • new data source: SQL database
  • parser, XML, src2raw, xsl, dtd, lang:
  • extend processing of SAO
  • xsl, ui, metaf-sum, dtd, lang, cgi:
  • prepare translations for pl, pt-br
  • xsl, ui, metaf-sum, lang,
  • split metaf-lang-{de,en,es,pl,pt-br,ru}.xsl from metaf-lang.xsl
  • lang:
  • improve Russian translation (thanks to Roman Nikitin)

New in version 1.49 (July 21st, 2012)

  • The number of errors raised for invalid groups in METAR and TAF was reduced significantly: more groups and variants are recognized, and certain unrecognized groups are skipped.
  • The processing of BUOY messages is now complete, and Canadian automatic SAO are also processed.
  • The option -x for was renamed to -o; the option is also honored by the example callback functions.
  • A few minor bugs were fixed.

New in version 1.47 (January 5th, 2012)

  • This version extends parsing for BUOY and SYNOP messages.
  • There are many smaller changes and other extensions.

New in version 1.46 (October 27th, 2011)

  • Starting with this release, the parsed data can be accessed via a callback function. Releases are now installed with a Perl script.
  • The hourly temperature in METAR remarks is processed as an observed value, not a 1 hour average.
  • Missing data for weather history (RABMM) and 24h min./max.
  • temperature in METAR remarks is recognized.
  • Many smaller changes and bugfixes have been made.

New in version 1.45 (July 25th, 2011)

  • Two small but nasty bugs were fixed.

New in version 1.44 (July 22nd, 2011)

  • and now use the module; less forking is now required. The source "Ogimet ship" can now be used to fetch ship data.
  • The display of wind, pressure (change), and temperature in the summary was extended.
  • Many smaller improvements and bugfixes were made.