ltrace Changelog

New in version 0.7.2

December 8th, 2012
  • This version brings several minor bugfixes.

New in version 0.7.1 (November 30th, 2012)

  • This version brings several bugfixes and minor feature improvements.

New in version 0.7.0 (November 10th, 2012)

  • Most notably, it brings full support for tracing multi-threaded processes, inter-library calls, and PIE binaries, and improves parameter passing conventions.

New in version 0.6.0 (October 25th, 2012)

  • This is mostly a bugfix release, adds several fixes in architecture-specific code.
  • New features include tracing of symbols from libraries opened with dlopen, and the ability to print stack traces of events.
  • The build system has been ported to autotools again.