lm_sensors Changelog

New in version 3.4.0

July 13th, 2015
  • documentation: Update the note about libsensors license
  • sensors.conf.5: Enhance the hysteresis documentation
  • sensors.conf.default: Add support for NCT6779 and NCT6791
  • libsensors: Get rid of arbitrary limit on per-type sensor count
  • Add support for temperature min and critical min hysteresis
  • Fix sparse warnings
  • sensors: Add support for temperature min and critical min hysteresis
  • fancontrol: Deal with moving hwmon attributes
  • Fix shell error when FCFANS is not set
  • Reduce memory consumption (#2391)
  • healthd: Avoid using external commands
  • sensors-detect: Add detection of ADC128D818
  • Add detection of AMD family 16h Kabini and Mullins
  • Add detection of ITE IT8620E and IT8623E
  • Add detection of TMP441, TMP442, LM95233, LM95234,
  • and LM95235
  • Add detection of NCT7802Y
  • Print kernel version and processor information
  • Add detection of NCT6792D
  • Add reference to nct6683 driver
  • Show that NCT6102D/6104D/6106D are supported by nct6775 driver
  • Show NCT5573D as compatible to NCT6776F with same chip ID
  • Document support for EMC1402, EMC1404, and EMC1424
  • Detect new revisions of EMC14xx
  • Add detection of EMC1422
  • Document driver support for TMP431 and TMP432
  • Add detection of TMP400 and TMP435
  • Add detection of IT8786E
  • Add detection of IT8780F
  • Add detection of IT8731F and IT8732F
  • Add detection of Intel 5500/5520/X58
  • Loosen detection rules for TS3000/TSE2002
  • Add detection of TSE2004 and TS3001
  • Document driver support for NCT7802Y
  • Add detection of NCT7904D
  • Add detection of IT8790E
  • Fix graphics cards detection (#2386, #2392)
  • Skip more addresses on graphics card I2C bus (#2392)

New in version 3.3.5 (January 23rd, 2014)

  • libsensors: Improve documentation of two functions
  • Increase MAX_SENSORS_PER_TYPE to 33
  • init: Fix EnvironmentFile in service files
  • Drop syslog.target dependency from service files
  • sensors-conf-convert: Add a manual page
  • sensors-detect: Report built-in drivers as such
  • Use modules.builtin instead of /sys/module
  • Handle built-in modules properly
  • Add detection of NCT6791D
  • Add detection of NCT6681D, NCT6682D, and NCT6683D
  • Add detection of F71868A
  • Add detection of IT8603E
  • Add two PCI IDs for new family 15h AMD processors
  • Introduce automatic mode (--auto)
  • Detect incorrect non-interactive runs
  • Rework option handling
  • Fix use of uninitialized value 'vendor_id' on ppc64
  • Add detection of TMP451
  • Add detection of SMSC EMC2104

New in version 3.3.4 (May 29th, 2013)

  • sensors.conf.5: Mention "sensors -u" to get the raw feature names
  • sensors: Clarify what option -u is good for
  • fancontrol: Fix handling of absolute paths in config
  • pwmconfig: Print the initial PWM values
  • Raise the detection threshold to 3/4
  • Properly deal with multiple fan control
  • sensors-detect: Add detection of AMD family 16h power sensors
  • Map IT8771E, IT8772E, IT8782F and IT8783F to it87
  • Use /sys/module instead of /proc/modules where available
  • Drop legacy sysconfig configuration file syntax
  • Stay alive when /dev/port is missing
  • Add detection of IT8752F
  • Add detection of MCP98244
  • Add detection of LM95234
  • Add detection of TMP431/TMP432
  • Update Nuvoton chip information and NCT6106D chip detection
  • Drop unreliable DS1621/DS1631 detection

New in version 3.3.3 (November 8th, 2012)

  • documentation: Update fan-divisors, fan divisors are optional
  • libsensors: Fix warning about library path not in /etc/ld.so.conf
  • sensors: Fix libiconv linkage need detection in rare corner case
  • Add support for humidity output
  • Add long switches to manual page
  • sensors-detect: Don't choke on systems without PCI
  • Avoid probing EDID addresses on graphics cards (#2386)
  • Add detection of NCT6779D and NCT6102D/NCT6106D
  • Add detection of SMSC LPC47N217 and SIO10N268
  • Do not scan I2C adapters on graphics cards by default
  • Fix parent class discovery when multiplexer is present

New in version 3.3.2 (March 20th, 2012)

  • Support for many sub-features was added to libsensors and sensors.
  • Sysfs detection was fixed to keep working after a sysfs implementation change in upcoming kernels.
  • Printing of power sensors was improved.
  • Memory leaks were fixed in sensord.
  • Detection of new chips was added to sensors-detect.

New in version 3.3.1 (July 22nd, 2011)

  • Detection of new devices was added to sensors-detect.

New in version 3.3.0 (March 28th, 2011)

  • Support for chassis intrusion detection and humidity sensors was added, as well as many new attributes for existing sensor types.

New in version 3.1.1 (June 28th, 2009)

  • This is a maintenance release, collecting 4 months of random fixes. All users of 3.1.0 are encouraged to upgrade.

New in version 3.1.0 (March 1st, 2009)

  • Completely reworked sensors-detect. Support for Linux 2.4 was dropped, devices probe order was reverted (integrated sensors first, I2C/SMBus chips last), bus driver names are retrieved from sysfs, bus number prediction was fixed, modules we loaded ourselves are unloaded. The script is significantly smaller, and smarter.
  • Improvements to libsensors. Circular dependencies in the configuration file are detected and dealt with, and more importantly, support for multiple configuration files was added. This is an important step in the direction of automatic lm-sensors configuration. Also some performance and memory usage improvements. Support for instantaneous power sensors and current sensors.
  • The format of /etc/sysconfig/lm_sensors was changed. The new format is easier to edit, which will ease integration with external tools. Use the included script sysconfig-lm_sensors-convert to convert from the old to the new format.
  • New default sensors.conf file. Much lighter, with only always-correct statements. Big performance boost, and hopefully less confusion for the user.
  • And as usual, random fixes to all tools.