libusb Changelog

New in version 1.0.19

November 25th, 2014
  • Add support for USB bulk streams on Linux and Mac OS X (#11)
  • Windows: Add AMD and Intel USB-3.0 root hub support
  • Windows: Fix USB 3.0 speed detection on Windows 8 or later (#10)
  • Added Russian translation for libusb_strerror strings
  • All: Various small fixes and cleanups
  • The (#xx) numbers are libusb issue numbers, see ie:

New in version 1.0.18 (January 27th, 2014)

  • Fix multiple memory leaks
  • Fix a crash when HID transfers return no data on Windows
  • Ensure all pending events are consumed
  • Improve Android and ucLinux support
  • Multiple Windows improvements (error logging, VS2013, VIA xHCI support)
  • Multiple OS X improvements (broken compilation, SIGFPE, 64bit support)

New in version 1.0 Beta 2 (November 21st, 2008)

  • Match libusb-0.1 endpoint addressing behaviour
  • Update for libusb-0.9.1