jost Changelog

New in version 0.5.4

November 12th, 2010
  • added midi learn for each slider in plugins (right click from internal editor)
  • added ability to select which midi CC is automating the slider directly from a menu
  • added midi CC for automation recorded with the session
  • main graph is bigger and inside a viewport so the currently modular area is bigger
  • added a viewport navigator for the main graph besides the browser
  • added colour selector for nodes in modular
  • added middle click navigation in the modular view
  • added a simple midi filter plugin (should be improved)
  • added a midi controller plugin (should be improved)
  • selecting and moving more than one object in the modular view is now possible
  • fixed a problem with locking of plugins in the modular area
  • plugins in modular view now are limited to the main area so you can’t drag off the component
  • changed plugin window handling (may rewrite this completely later on)
  • fixed a problem in plugin window menu (first window only responded to commands)
  • rewrote parameter manager update mechanism (no more memory allocations in realtime thread)
  • changed the slider in the plugin parameters window
  • fixed a problem when saving presets with midipads
  • tweaked to make it compile and run with gcc 4.3.2