jEdit Changelog

New in version 5.1.0

January 6th, 2014
  • UI improvements:
  • The column titles were missing in shortcuts option pane (#3614404 Matthieu Casanova)
  • Made TextArea thick caret thicker, and also thick when in overwrite mode. (#3614784 Alan Ezust)
  • Added a new column "ActionSet" in Shortcuts option pane to know to which actionSet an action belongs (feature #3614386 Matthieu Casanova)

New in version 5.0.0 (November 26th, 2012)

  • Bug fixes:
  • Does not create backups on exit (#3579788 Jarek Czekalski)
  • I/O Error on First Save Attempt (#3574500 Jarek Czekalski)
  • Fixed whole word search (#3551515 Matthieu Casanova)
  • Fixed a number of scrollbar bugs related to undo, multiline cut, soft-wrap, and folding. (Patch#3567959, Bugs #2832769, #2998294, and #3193168 - Thomas Meyer)
  • Fix keymap duplication handling (Björn "Vampire" Kautler)
  • Fix broken macro Files/Glob_close.bsh (Eric Le Lay)
  • File status checking before save (#3562315, Alan Ezust)
  • Fix "Customize This Menu..." item in context menu options (#3554895 Tom Power)
  • Fixed the StandaloneTextArea that cannot load keymaps (#3562023 Matthieu Casanova)
  • Fix a case where a NPE occurs when removing a plugin (#3557441 Matthieu Casanova)
  • Recognizing "Extra word characters" in "Whole word" option in searches (bug #3522497, patch #3543524 Malathi)
  • The macro Display_Abbreviations was broken (#3539691 Matthieu Casanova)
  • Fix pressing return in parent files of the VFS browser that do not browse the selected folder as it should (patch #3543499 by Eric Le Lay)
  • API:
  • New method MiscUtilities.openInDesktop() (Alan Ezust)
  • UI:
  • Disable menu bar mnemonics if they are mapped as otherwise defined shortcuts so that they are not shown visually to the user when they actually do not work and make sure that no conflict can arise with the default keymap and any localization (#3528208 Björn "Vampire" Kautler)
  • Added a new German keymap. Replaced shortcuts that were unreachable on a german keyboard. Moved shortcuts from German localization into keymap. (#3572796 Björn "Vampire" Kautler)
  • Translate underscores to spaces when displaying keymap names in the UI to eliminate files with spaces in the name. (Björn "Vampire" Kautler)
  • Fix broken keymap properties (Björn "Vampire" Kautler)
  • Added russian localization (patch #3544154 Vladimir Avdonin)
  • Miscellaneous:
  • Correctly determine whether Look and Feel did change to not touch it if it stays the same as this might cause delays and Exceptions. (Björn "Vampire" Kautler)
  • The .jedit/modes/catalog is now written using UTF-8 instead of default OS encoding (#3560800 Matthieu Casanova)