goocanvasmm Changelog

New in version 1.90.6

October 17th, 2011
  • Canvas, ItemSimple, Grid: Added Gdk::RGBA properties, which were added to the goocanvas C API.(Murray Cumming)
  • Build: Search for gtkmm-3.0 tag file, not gtkmm-2.4.

New in version 0.15.4 / 1.90.3 (February 3rd, 2011)

  • Replace use of *ListHandle with std::vector, as in gtkmm, matching the new convention for this in gtkmm 3.(Murray Cumming)

New in version 0.15.4 / 1.9.2 (November 4th, 2010)

  • Build with the latest gtkmm and latest goocanvas.
  • Replace use of Gtk::AlignmentEnum with Gtk::Align.
  • Canvas: Use Adjustment via RefPtr.

New in version 0.15.4 / 1.9.0 (October 18th, 2010)

  • Fix the build with gtkmm 2.22, with deprecations disabled.

New in version 0.15.3 (May 5th, 2010)

  • Documentation:
  • Added main page text with doxygen. (David King, Murray Cumming)
  • Improve API documentation slightly. (Murray Cumming)

New in version 0.15.2 (April 16th, 2010)

  • Build improvements for documentation. (Daniel Elstner)