New in version 3.15.4

January 22nd, 2015
  • Added GsdDeviceManager with X11 and udev (for native wayland sessions) backends
  • Most keyboard, mouse, touchpad and wacom settings schemas moved to gsettings-desktop-schemas. User settings migration is done automatically at startup
  • The moved settings are now applied by mutter >= 3.15.4
  • Media-keys:
  • Adjust to ShellKeyGrabber changes (requires gnome-shell >= 3.15.4 at run time)
  • Make power-actions non-interactive based on mode
  • XSettings:
  • Export the session bus ID as an xsetting

New in version 3.15.1 (November 28th, 2014)

  • Add scroll wheel emulation in trackballs
  • Disable touchscreens when the screen is turned off
  • Show backlight OSD on the monitor which it affects

New in version 3.14.2 (November 12th, 2014)

  • Updated translations
  • Media-keys:
  • Fixed a few minor leaks
  • Power:
  • Disable touchscreens when turning off its screen
  • Smartcard:
  • Fixed a locking issue
  • Wacom:
  • Fix possible crash in GsdDeviceMapper
  • Make sure that display-less tablets can be set back to mapping to the full desktop extent
  • Make sure that the output is looked up again from settings when the connected outputs change
  • XSettings:
  • Don't check for hi-dpi on monitors with broken EDID

New in version 3.14.1 (October 15th, 2014)

  • Cursor:
  • Disable if running under a wayland session
  • Keyboard:
  • Add back the gtk+ IM module handling
  • Media-keys:
  • Disallow screenshots when locked
  • XSettings:
  • Translate titlebar action settings (for CSD gtk+ windows)
  • Misc cleanups

New in version 3.14.0 (September 23rd, 2014)

  • Updated translations
  • XSettings:
  • Fix swapping out of WM settings schemas

New in version 3.14 RC (September 16th, 2014)

  • Keyboard:
  • Remove input sources handling: this was moved to mutter/gnome-shell and removes g-s-d's build dependency on IBus
  • Power:
  • '0' keyboard backlight is a valid value
  • Rfkill:
  • Add a property to determine whether to show airplane mode

New in version 3.12.2 (September 16th, 2014)

  • Fix crasher when plugging in an external display into a laptop with a touchscreen
  • Power:
  • Fix brighntess sliders and OSD starting at zero when first used
  • Fix display not blanking after gnome-shell wake up
  • Fix wake up not working in some cases
  • Fix laptop sometimes not suspending when unplugging from a dock
  • Fix double-suspend when suspending after a timeout
  • Fix erratic backlight behaviour when the machine has a limited number of backlight settings

New in version 3.11.5 (February 6th, 2014)

  • We no longer quit when gnome-session tells all registered clients to stop so that applications still running don't lose their theme and icons briefly before the session ends
  • Date & Time:
  • Specify the accuracy level for geoclue
  • Provide desktop id to geoclue so that authorization works
  • Media-keys:
  • Remove the default shortcut to toggle the screen reader since it conflicts with the "panel main menu" shortcut
  • Wacom:
  • Check for calibration state on startup/device-added

New in version 3.11.3 (December 21st, 2013)

  • Media-keys:
  • Fix "show battery" key handling
  • Rfkill:
  • Apply permissions for rfkill devices to the local user
  • Add Bluetooth killswitch support
  • Don't autostart ModemManager
  • Wacom:
  • Skip GSD_WACOM_SET_ALL_MONITORS on the switch monitor pad action
  • Rotate OLED labels on left-handed setups
  • Show OSD when remapping device to a monitor through the pad bindings
  • Maintain per-device calibration notifications