getID3() Changelog

New in version 1.9.5

February 25th, 2013
  • DTS-in-WAV now properly supported
  • DSS files return additional data in new keys, and some existing keys have been renamed
  • Bugfix: open_basedir not parsed correctly under Windows (thanks yannick*jamontØgmail*com)
  • Bugfix: [demo/demo.browse] might not display file or directory name on PHP >=5.4.0 if filename not UTF-8 friendly
  • Bugfix: [demo/] could read more uncompressed data than required; fail to read file if local data descriptor not set; some wrong include files were listed; improved error message display
  • Bugfix: [] INFO comment chunks with null name chunk not parsed correctly
  • Bugfix: [module.archive.gz] gzip files with filename stored may have filename reduplicated in [gzip][files] output
  • Bugfix: [] data_descriptor not parsed correctly
  • Bugfix: [] some newer compression methods unknown
  • Bugfix: [] not all flags parsed
  • Bugfix: [] local file header not parsed correctly if file has zero values for compressed_size in Local File Header
  • Bugfix: (#1493) better support for >2GB filesize on 32-bit Linux
  • Bugfix: (#1474) unneccesary call to GetDataImageSize in JPEG module
  • Bugfix: (#1470) GIF files falsely detected as TS format
  • Bugfix: (#1431) Matroska did not parse PixelCrop* / DisplayUnit (thanks jgerberØwikimedia*org)
  • Bugfix: (#1430) split ID3v2 text values on null separator
  • Bugfix: (#1426) MS Office 2007 file format now recognized as zip.msoffice
  • Bugfix: (#1423) optimized CreateDeepArray function
  • Bugfix: (#1415) add support for DS2 variant of DSS

New in version 1.9.4 Beta 1 (October 6th, 2012)

  • This version improves Matroska parsing (including support for FLAC inside Matroska) and support for PHP5 standards.

New in version 1.9.3 (December 14th, 2011)

  • This version adds more complete support for WebM files and improved detection of audio streams in Matroska files.

New in version 1.9.2 (December 12th, 2011)

  • (#1256) ID3 tags in AIFF 'ID3 ' chunks now parsed
  • (#1039) iXML data in WAV files now returned and parsed into [riff][WAVE][iXML][0][data] and [riff][WAVE][iXML][0][parsed]
  • [playtime_string] now returns M:SS if less than 1 hour, and H:MM:SS if 1 hour or longer
  • Bugfix: (#1266) variable tablename: extension.cache.mysql.php
  • Bugfix: (#1265) unescaped # in regex in write.id3v2.php
  • Bugfix: (#1252) MediaMonkey writes blank ID3v2 RGAD frames and puts replay-gain values in TXXX frames
  • Bugfix: (#1251) FLV playtime could be inaccurate for longer files where meta frame is present but meta-playtime is zero
  • Bugfix: (#1216) show hex values of unknown atom names
  • Bugfix: (#1215) undefined variable in PrintHexBytes()
  • Bugfix: FLV audio bitrate was returning kbps not bps
  • Bugfix: missing ) in write.real.php::RemoveReal()
  • Bugfix: replace $this::VERSION with getID3::VERSION in extension.cache.*.php

New in version 1.9.1 (August 11th, 2011)

  • This version added support for ASF Extended Header Objects, and numerous small bugfixes in Matroska, RIFF, Quicktime, and ASF modules.

New in version 1.9.0 (June 21st, 2011)

  • All module classes have been standardized to allow independent instantiation.
  • Returned data with embedded images is now significantly smaller (less duplication).
  • Many bugfixes, including truncated ASF metadata and unsupported Matroska tags.

New in version 1.8.5 (February 21st, 2011)

  • support >2GB files on 64-bit PHP
  • PHP v5.0.5 now minimum required version.
  • Removed obsolte functions from getid3.lib.php: md5_file, sha1_file, image_type_to_mime_type
  • IDivX tags now parsed on AVI files
  • embedded image data is returned inside [comments][picture] in a 2-element array (data, image_mime) for all formats
  • $this->overwrite_tags=false is now known to be buggy and has been disabled for this version until a full review of tag writing can be completed. Certainly affects ID3v2, the other writable tag formats may or may not be broken
  • getID3 constructor no longer checks for (or sets) timezone
  • demo.browse.php now shows cover art as inline images rather than dumped to separate files
  • [audio][streams][x][language] now set when known
  • Bugfix: RIFF-AVI "JUNK" chunks are now parsed properly, including zero-sized ones (no more false errors)
  • Bugfix: msoffice documents now return correct error message
  • Bugfix: demo.browse.php now encodes data according to current page encoding (default=UTF-8)
  • Bugfix: (#1120) sometimes incorrect ID3v2 genre parsing
  • Bugfix: (#1116) possibly incorrect warnings (or lack of) for RIFFs > 2GB.
  • Bugfix: (#1115) wrong RIFFtype in RIFF files
  • Bugfix: (#1114) wrong MIME type may be set for Matroska
  • Bugfix: (#1113) support DSS v3 files
  • Bugfix: (#1111) cover art in APE tags now supported
  • Bugfix: (#1091) RemoveID3v1() unitialized variables
  • Bugfix: (# 504) do not set Quicktime resolution if 'tkhd' atom is disabled
  • Bugfix: (# 95) return [quicktime][controller] if known

New in version 1.8.4 (February 8th, 2011)

  • change default encoding in ID3v2 writing to UTF16-LE+BOM (or ISO-8859-1 where possible) for better compatability with broken versions of Windows Media Player and iTunes
  • Bugfix: [FLV] incorrect overall bitrate in some files
  • Bugfix: (#1102) missing parentheses in write[.id3v2].php
  • Bugfix: (#510) undefined IsValidDottedIP() in write.id3v2.php

New in version 1.8.3 (January 19th, 2011)

  • Minor bugfixes.
  • Improved support for custom PHP error handlers.