gDesklets Changelog

New in version 0.36.2

March 11th, 2010
  • When moving from gDesklets 0.36.1 to 0.36.2 the main focus has been set on improving the build process and documentation. Some few features which have been planned to be released with gDesklets 0.40 have been introduced to this release, too. Furthermore there has been some code cleaning, optimization and bug fixing. For a complete list please take a look at the included ChangeLog file.
  • Starting with gDesklets 0.36.2 desklets can now be enabled and disabled. A new menu entry has been added to the desklets so you can disable them "on-the-fly". Calling "gdesklets --check-first" - or "gdesklets -c" - in a terminal will enable the desklets again. Opening the gDesklets shell will enable the desklets, too.
  • Most of the changes and improvements can be found "under the hood" and are therefore invisible to the user.