evmapd Changelog

New in version 0.0.3

April 25th, 2009
  • --norm now accepts multiple comma-separated arguments
  • --verbose now reports any input axis that will be normalised
  • Fixed broken argument handling for the --norm parameter which rendered the normalisation code useless and often caused a segmentation fault. Apparently, the sample code in the the libcfg+ documentation is broken as well, despite the actual documentation being correct, if only a bit too short. No idea how this rather embarassing issue slipped through, although its manifestation seems to be partly platform and/or compiler dependent. Did I mention that libcfg+ could really use some better (as in 'not broken') example code? (reported by Dave Ahlswede)
  • More verbose ioctl() error messages
  • Fixed incorrect KEY_MAX usage in ioctl(EVIOCGBIT) call, which would produce a warning message by the kernel