evilvte Changelog

New in version 0.5.1

March 28th, 2012
  • Better compatibility with some compilers and CFLAGS Thanks to Daniel Richard G. < skunk AT iSKUNK DOT ORG >
  • Support key bindings for ALT_SHIFT, CTRL_ALT_SHIFT, and CTRL_SHIFT
  • Auto-detect gtk_*_resize_grip in dlopen() mode
  • Fix a potential bug for HOTKEY_SCROLL_ONE_PAGE_
  • Strict minimum font size to 1
  • Make everything GTK+ 3.4.0 compatible

New in version 0.5.0 (October 24th, 2011)

  • Fix a bug for -e option
  • Fix a bug for input method menu
  • New configure option: --with-gtk=2+3|3+2
  • The binary will not link to VTE nor GTK+, thus can support GTK+ 2.x and 3.x at the same time. It still depends on VTE runtime, of course.
  • Use --2 or --3 command line options to choose the version of GTK+.
  • If evilvte segfaults with --3 option, please try export USE_ACCESSIBLE=0 or USE_ACCESSIBLE=1.
  • Drop codes with VTE version < 0.17.1

New in version 0.4.9 (August 22nd, 2011)

  • Fix makefile parallelization
  • Support GtkGrid
  • New icon theme
  • GTK+ 3.x and GLib 2.29.x compatible
  • Support Auto-click
  • Support embedded GTK3_CSS

New in version 0.4.8 (February 21st, 2011)

  • Better compatibility with string matching
  • Fix a bug that made MATCH_STRING fail when MENU is not enabled Thanks to Kabakov Boris
  • New COLOR_STYLE option: ZENBURN Thanks to thagraal and
  • Make everything GTK+ 3.0.0 compatible

New in version 0.4.7 (October 7th, 2010)

  • Compatibility with WM_CLASS was improved.
  • This version is completely compatible with GTK+ 2.91.0.
  • Font and font size can be adjusted by command line option.
  • WM_URGENT hint is now supported.

New in version 0.4.6 (April 6th, 2010)

  • Apply a workaround for VTE 0.24.0 vte_terminal_set_background_image_file() bug
  • Support CURSOR_SHAPE
  • Saturation can be adjusted by holding Ctrl and scrolling mouse up or down
  • Support WINDOW_TITLE_DYNAMIC for xterm escape sequences
  • Support personal configuration file other than src/config.h
  • Support PROGRAM_ICON so users can put their own icons at $HOME

New in version 0.4.5 (November 5th, 2009)

  • Support -ls command line option to enable login shell in all tabs
  • Make TAB_LABEL more customizable and support i18n
  • Support TAB_LABEL_DYNAMIC to show current path dynamically, Thanks to Pavel Plesov
  • Improve command line option support
  • Fix build failure when linked by GNU gold linker

New in version 0.4.4 (March 6th, 2009)

  • Disable deprecated VTE functions if VTE version >= 0.19.4
  • Latest VTE no longer supports ANTI_ALIAS associated options.
  • Support CTRL_ALT
  • If you enable it, all hotkeys will become Ctrl + Alt + hotkey(s).
  • Cosmetic minor changes
  • Support command line -f option to start evilvte in fullscreen mode
  • This is default color setting of VTE with the fixed color ^[[1;30m
  • Rename libraries variable to LDLIBS
  • Fix Makefile to work with LDFLAGS="-Wl,--as-needed"
  • Remove target "all" from target "install" which caused everything to get
  • re-compiled at install phase.
  • Respect LDFLAGS
  • Thanks to Bruno Vieira for reporting this issue.
  • Support CTRL_TOGGLE_FULLSCREEN and "Toggle fullscreen" item in menu
  • I tested this feature in jwm and kwin.
  • Fix a do-no-harm message when trying to rename a null tab label
  • Thanks to Bernhard R. Link for reporting it.
  • Fix number_char redefinition error if built with gcc 4.3.1
  • Rename shell scripts to the .sh scheme, and update the LICENSE file
  • Support command line -title option to assign program title
  • Use g_get_current_dir() instead of g_getenv("PWD") to decide current path
  • Thanks to Bruno Vieira for reporting this issue.
  • Fix a switch-page bug
  • Always handle delete_event, aka program closing event
  • Disable tab label auto-resorting
  • Support command line -r option to run in root window
  • Support command line -h option to show help messages
  • Support command line -2 to -9 options to set initial tab numbers
  • Make icons smaller, and update their copyright to year 2008 with permission
  • from the author, Tetralet
  • Make manpage of evilvte according to options in src/config.h
  • Simplify Makefile and configure

New in version 0.4.4 Pre 8 (December 1st, 2008)

  • Rename libraries variable to LDLIBS
  • Fix Makefile to work with LDFLAGS="-Wl,--as-needed"
  • Remove target "all" from target "install" which caused everything to get re-compiled at install phase.