domus.Link Changelog

New in version 1.2

July 10th, 2010
  • Updated heyu config file handling to be agnostic and object oriented. domus.Link will now support a users custom heyu config file without any additional changes. One caveat is that domus.Link will not save comments that are placed at the end of a directive line. But, domus will preserve comments that are on a line by themselves. Internal implementation does validate directive types to valid heyu directives by executing the "heyu conflist" command to get the valid directive list.
  • Updated alias to location(floorplan)/type handling. domus.Link will now dynamically build the alias to location/type map through the alias edit screens. domus.Link will create a db file called aliasmap based on these assignments. This precludes the need for the floorplan file and the floorplan maintenance has been deprecated. To aid in dynamically creating the floorplan, the location field in the alias add and edit windows are now editable as well as dynamically loaded with previously entered locations. When a new heyu conf with aliases is found and there is no alias map, all items are assigned to a default location(unknown) and type(other).
  • The location field IS the edit field for the floorplan items. You can delete it, but if you haven't removed all references to that location in all of your aliases, it is dynamically rebuilt from the current aliases.
  • The blank space at the bottom of the list is a convenience to have a blank area to edit a new location. It really doesn't matter as you can just overwrite the displayed one with a new location and then it will be added to the alias. Then the list is dynamically regened and it will be added for selection.
  • Try changing the location of one of your modules by typing in a new location that doesn't exist and save it. You'll see it show up on the alias and now it is available in the list to select as well.
  • Added a setup verification for aliases to location/type maps for help in conversion from previous versions of domus.Link. When domus.Link V1.2 is entered after installation, the heyu config file is checked for the previous format for domus.Link. If it finds the previous style configuration for assignment of location and type, it will generate a derived alias to location/type map for acceptance. The user has the option to convert at this point to create the new aliasmap. If the user does not want to do this at the time, a "continue" option is available and will load the aliases with the default location(unknown) and type(other). This is valid for the session. If no updates are made to the aliases nothing is changed and it will be rechecked on the next browser session start.
  • Added the capability to hide modules from the main home module page. Useful for not displaying monitoring/trigger based modules. These modules will still be displayed in their appropriate type sections. Use "hide/show" in the alias view actions column.
  • Deprecated the db file "modules". This is now done dynamically when editing aliases. The command "heyu modlist" is executed to get the valid module type values when needed.
  • The db distribution directory is now empty. It is provided only to get the directory structure as no files need to be provided for installation.
  • Fixed error with popup when displaying extended option info in the timer view. Popup would inadvertantly display a previous items values plus it's own value.
  • Updated all file handling to be objectified. This provides a framework for all the config/sched types to be handled by their respective classes. File handling was moved to the object base class elementfile.class.php.
  • Deprecated miscelaneous functions due to objectification of aliases.
  • Updated heyu config file editing to only show directives applicable to heyu execution. Other directive types are not shown as to cleanup the heyu conf edit screen. There is no impact to the other directives.
  • Updated progress bar handling to be generic. Progress bar javascript is now in the javascript directory and not embedded.
  • Installation is now simplified due to the fact there is no installed db files.
  • Added file modification verification and detection. Domus will check to see if the config files have changed between actions. It will reload the config file with the new values automatically. If domus detects the file has changed just before the save process, it will generate and error to the user. This is internal to the save of the file for consistency, otherwise the user would see the changed file first.
  • Added diagnostic check for file setup in domus.Link. This diagnostic checks for the major configuration files that are required to be present and if they are writable or executable. The diagnostic page is only displayed if there is an issue. There is an option to just continue from this page and it will not check until requested. There is a status icon in the footer bar that displays the state as a color of the checked files. Green for good, red for errors and black/gray for unchecked state. The icon is also the method of running the diagnostic check at anytime.
  • Updated status and info screen to be the same page. Moved system uptime to status/info page.
  • Updated layout footer line in default theme to have configuration status on the right after removing uptime info.
  • Updated heyu running/down status with controls to only be on the status page. The running/down status is now a link to the status page.
  • Updated access to the status page to be only available to admin authenticated users (security level 1 or 2).
  • Updated security access for level 1 to be able to see all modules and operate on them, but no access to info, status or start and stop.
  • Updated redirection handling when setting php header commands.
  • Updated error handling of files for writing.
  • domus.Link handling of heyu config without a schedule file defined.
  • Issue 45 fixed - Changed all deprecated PHP4 calls to be PHP5 compatibale
  • Updated Language files.

New in version 1.1.1 (April 8th, 2010)

  • Added ability to select a null on one side of a timer i.e.: on or off but not both
  • Added Shutter category and module type
  • Added Other category and module type. (irrigation category was left alone)
  • Added dawn/dusk capability to timers
  • Added Advanced timers page. This page allows editing timers by selecting the specific macros and all options for timers identified in heyu 2.8.0. This page does not create macros as the simple timer page does
  • Added a macro edit page. Allows the creation of macros in domus.Link
  • Added ability to manage heyu configurations based on the constructs of heyu's default -0 thru -9 handling or explicit -c config paths. If -c config path is used, the -0 thru -9 command pass thru is disabled. domus.Link does not currently support starting multiple heyu instances at this time
  • Updated Trigger page to view and select macros as they are defined
  • Updated schedule file handling to be object based. The schedule file no longer requires a custom layout as was needed previously. Any valid heyu schedule file will be acceptable
  • Updated view pages (marco, timer, trigger) enable/disable to now be in the action column
  • Updated db file for floorplan to be named floorplan-dist so as not to overwrite users current floorplan file.
  • Updated default theme to handle layouts dynamically for language changes
  • Fixed issue 2 - error output of utility exection should stay in the utility output window
  • Fixed issue 4 - drop down list widths would cut off text in list. udpated all drop downs to be wider
  • Fixed issue 5 - updated domus.Link module list from heyu modlist in 2.8.0
  • Fixed issue 10 - updated utility to execute heyu logtail
  • Fixed issue 23 - updated about page to dynamically echo current version number

New in version 1.0.2 (February 23rd, 2010)

  • The first 100% GPL release of domus.Link is here.
  • Not only is this release 100% open source - released with a GPL license - it also includes a new feature, namely a utility to execute custom Heyu commands.
  • This release has been made possible mostly by Brad Samuels. I would like to thank both Brad and Phillipe on behalf of all domus.Link user's.

New in version 1.0.1 (March 4th, 2009)

  • This release is a minor bugfix release which also includes updated language files.

New in version 1.0 (February 21st, 2009)

  • This release includes two of the most anticipated features, namely timer/trigger administration and an iPhone theme.
  • Other features have been added.

New in version 0.9.1 (October 5th, 2008)

  • A few UI enhancements were made.
  • The language files were updated.
  • Translations for German, Portuguese, and Spanish were added.
  • A few minor bugs were fixed.