django-phpBB3 Changelog

New in version 0.3.0

October 3rd, 2012
  • Migrate phpBB3 passwords, too and add a PASSWORD_HASHERS for this, see below.

New in version 0.2.1 (September 22nd, 2012)

  • Add "is_staff" flag to all "global moderators"
  • Set "is_active" flag depent on "user_inactive_time"
  • Add ``--only_users`` for only migrate/update users.
  • Use |{get_or_create| for getting the pseudo "Anonymous" user account

New in version 0.1.5 (August 2nd, 2012)

  • migrate user language, too.

New in version 0.1.4 (July 31st, 2012)

  • Many bugfixes in models.

New in version 0.1.3 (July 28th, 2012)

  • catch error if a post can't be migrated and continue migration
  • remove django_authopenid and django_messages from phpbb2djangobb project settings
  • nicer output while migrating with eta time