New in version 0.3.0

January 16th, 2013
  • updated to Plone 4.1+ security and new "Site Administrator" role [keul]
  • support for query expression starting with /, that generate links to internal section of the site [keul]
  • tabs settings panel is now protected with a specific permission [keul]
  • protected the use of tal:, python: and $ with a proper permission [keul]
  • removed the usage of CMF properties. General configuration migrated to Plone registry [keul]
  • Added tests [keul]

New in version 0.2.0 (May 19th, 2011)

  • added input validations [keul]
  • more hep texts and translations [keul]
  • adde a direct link to the ZMI manage section [keul]
  • added a way to upload Generic Setup compatible actions.xml file, to automatically load actions [marco.mariani]