New in version 2.1.2

June 7th, 2013
  • Fixed bad calls in ZPT to find paths to images. [calvinhp]

New in version 2.0 (February 14th, 2012)

  • added a randomize option to display the slides of a slideshow in random order [tbesluau]
  • made quickinstall actually execute install/uninstall properly instead of simply running the default profile [claytron, tbesluau]
  • handling removal of slideshow portlets when uninstalling [tbesluau]
  • handling removal of marker interfaces and annotations on slideshow folders when uninstalling [tbesluau]
  • updating README for uninstall instruction [cwainwright, tbesluau]
  • testing/QA [clshaw01, elizabeth]
  • migrated branch for adding i18n support and adding French translations [tbesluau]
  • added option to display slideshow navigation as thumbnails. Options for displaying numbers or no navigation are still available [cwainwright] )
  • moved propertiestool.xml to initial profile, so that default profile doesn't overwrite slideshow settings [cwainwright]
  • utilize to resize images for display in the slideshows. Will use sizes set in individual slideshow properties. Applies to slideshow folders and portlets. refs #6 [cwainwright]
  • Updated slideshow_folder_view for Plone 4: uses macro content-core, removed viewlet managers refs #3 [cwainwright]
  • Fixed slideshow display for when javascript is disabled. Display the first slide, and make sure overflow is properly hidden. refs #2 [cwainwright]
  • Compressed jquery-cycle.js [cwainwright]
  • Updated colors/display of slideshow portlet navigation [cwainwright]
  • Fixed slideshow portlet so that multiple portlets can be added, and all will function with their individual settings [cwainwright]
  • Remove paste install as this was not working on windows and not needed for the product to function [claytron]

New in version 1.0 (July 19th, 2011)

  • Fix up docs in preparation for 1.0 release. [claytron]
  • Allowed for individual folders to have their own slideshow properties [tbesluau]
  • Made CSS that removes content type images specific to just #slideshow [cwainwright]
  • Added browser tests for the configlet [tbesluau]
  • Added test for the SlideshowView getImages method and stub for getPortletImages. [davidblewett]
  • Updated the change log format. [clayton]
  • added version.txt in the collective/easyslideshow folder and modified to grab it automatically [tbesluau]
  • fixed the portlet so it grabs the slideshow folder correctly [lucielejard]
  • created an image for the easyslideshow configuration in site setup [cwainwright]
  • moved propertiestool.xml into the initial profile [cwainwright]
  • made the uninstall stop running on reinstall [tbesluau]
  • updated the versioning style in metadata.xml [cwainwright]
  • added cssregistry, jsregistry, portlets, and skins to the uninstall profile to ensure everything gets removed [cwainwright]
  • cleaned up the README so it is valid reStructuredText [cwainwright]
  • added installation instructions to the README [cwainwright]
  • using z3c.autoinclude [tbesluau]
  • wrote up some documentation on how to use the slideshow [cwainwright]
  • removed insert-after=custom code. This generally causes a problem when easyslideshow is installed after the theme -- the slideshow_macros override stops working. [cwainwright]
  • Slideshow portlet. It is almost done, but I have not yet been successful in getting the selected folder to display its images in the slideshow. [cwainwright]