checksysreport Changelog

New in version 1.2-0

March 28th, 2011
  • coping with funny lsmod output.
  • telling explicitely there’s something wrong with installed-rpms
  • when dying because it cannot be parsed.
  • now use mandatory plugins if any are set.
  • Fix some issues where ‘package_release’ can not be converted from
  • ascii to unicode. Thanks to Niels de Vos.
  • RHEL6′sosreport are supported \o/
  • RHEL3 base channel changed to ELS channels in yadarh.
  • using pgdb instead of _pg so there s no need to escape sql sentences.
  • Both checksysreport server and client are now only supported on RHEL6.
  • download_rhn_package rename downloaded file without long url extension.
  • plugin’s “package” hook is ran even when the current installed package
  • version/release does not exist in the current channel.
  • configuration setting can end up with a space.

New in version 1.1-0 (July 2nd, 2010)

  • Adding listCves in rhnapiwrap.
  • download_rhn_package get debug packages for RHEL4.
  • Workaround for BZ#482755 since RHEL5.5
  • Sample plugins was buggy (it was using a non existent global options variable instead of self.options)

New in version 1.0-5 (February 10th, 2009)

  • The XML-RPC timeout was changed to 300 seconds when filling the cache so that large advisories such as RHEA-2009:0272 can be handled.
  • The new format of sos for installed RPMs was not recognized.

New in version 1.0-4 (January 5th, 2009)

  • fill-cache-packages crashed with key errors.
  • A typographical error in was fixed.
  • Changelog diffs were wrong for some beta packages.
  • Several changes were made in fill-cache-advisory.

New in version 1.0-3 (September 2nd, 2008)

  • Warnings for known kernel issues are printed. wcs's spool handling has been enhanced.
  • A wrapper class has been added so that checksysreport can be generated non-interactively.
  • Yadarh can run when there is no connection to rhn available.
  • AS2.1 sysreports made on IA-64 were not usable.