check_openmanage Changelog

New in version 3.7.11

August 7th, 2013
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Bugfix Fixed a regression on systems with ePN enabled

New in version 3.7.9 (January 8th, 2013)

  • Minor feature enhancements
  • enhancement Added a compatibility fix for OMSA 7.2.0, related to minimum controller firmware where output from OMSA has changed

New in version 3.7.8 (December 13th, 2012)

  • Minor feature enhancements, Minor bugfixes
  • bugfix Fixed a regression regarding un-certified physical disks in "Ready" state (e.g. hot-spare) when using the blacklisting keyword "pdisk_cert"
  • enhancement Added an option "--snmp-timeout" which allows setting the SNMP object timeout for the Net::SNMP perl module

New in version 3.7.7 (December 8th, 2012)

  • Minor feature enhancements, Minor bugfixes
  • bugfix Small fixes in PNP template
  • bugfix Fixed handling of functional but uncertified disks (Matthew Kent)
  • bugfix Fixed regression for pdisk cert on old hardware/OMSA
  • bugfix RPM spec: Fix docbook pkg name for suse
  • enhancement Reverse pdisk cert for OMSA 7.1.0 via SNMP, this works around an OMSA SNMP bug
  • enhancement Shortened a lot of reporting messages to make things more consistent
  • enhancement Rewritten logic on reporting pdisks
  • enhancement Added new special case for controller batteries

New in version 3.7.6 (June 29th, 2012)

  • Minor feature enhancements, Minor bugfixes
  • enhancement Support for PCI attached storage (new in OMSA 7.0.0) was added.
  • enhancement Support was added for negative temperature readings and thresholds from temp probes.
  • bugfix Fix for physical disk check. If a disk was marked as predictive failure, and also had other failure conditions of a more severe nature, check_openmange only reported the predictive failure state. This has been fixed so that the most severe failure takes precedence.
  • enhancement The iDRAC6 and iDRAC7 controllers was identified via SNMP using integer values that are not defined in the MIB. This resulted in internal error warnings if the '-o' option was used. The plugin now defines these integer identifiers even though they are undocumented in the MIB.
  • enhancement The PNP template now contains comments which identifies which plugin version it was built for.
  • enhancement The manual pages were revised and completely rewritten from perl POD to Docbook XML format.

New in version 3.7.5 (April 17th, 2012)

  • This version fixes a couple of minor bugs.
  • It adds a workaround for an SNMP bug in the recently released OMSA 7.0.0.

New in version 3.7.4 (March 30th, 2012)

  • This version fixes the HTML output after Dell's recent changes at their site.
  • The plugin will now check that the server's serial number (service tag) is sane and not empty.
  • A couple of minor bugs were fixed.

New in version 3.7.3 (October 6th, 2011)

  • Minor feature enhancements, Minor bugfixes
  • If the option -I or --htmlinfo was used, the OK output would be printed two times. This has been fixed so the OK output is now correct for HTML output.
  • A bug was fixed for config file parsing, if the plugin was used in local mode (i.e. no hostname specified). Reported by David Jones.
  • Distribution now includes an example configuration file, contributed by Xavier Bachelot
  • Various fixes to the RPM spec file contributed by Xavier Bachelot
  • RPM name was changed

New in version 3.7.2 (September 19th, 2011)

  • Minor feature enhancements, Minor bugfixes
  • Added a new option '--hide-servicetag' to censor the servicetag in the plugin output. A corresponding config file option 'output_hide_servicetag' was created. Thanks to Sebastian Ahndorf for a patch
  • SNMP: Fixed bug in amperage probes perfdata output when one or more PSUs has lost power, which could cause garbled graphs