bda.plone.finder Changelog

New in version 1.1

December 4th, 2012
  • Add specific permission to trigger finder

New in version 1.0 (June 17th, 2011)

  • Add image preview
  • Add event preview
  • Show items of all languages if LinguaPlone is installed.
  • Fix bug with css class manipulation and column reloading after workflow state changed.
  • Use zope:class and zope:implements directives to set marker interface for finder root instead of five:implements

New in version 1.0 RC1 (January 13th, 2011)

  • Fix bug with base URL after delete item, if finder was called from deleted item.
  • Remove autoload behavior.
  • Change workflow state action ajaxified.
  • Fix base_url detection in viewlet.
  • Shorten title in listing to avoid line break.
  • Do not display items without UID.
  • Add separate conditional CSS for Plone 3 + 4.
  • Remove trigger link from object actions and provide it by viewlet instead.
  • Plone 3 Compatibility.

New in version 1.0 Beta 7 (October 25th, 2010)

  • Basically bind dexterity compatible views. Dexterity support not finished yet due to missing UID indexing support.
  • Provide CSS for default plone content types icons.
  • Check for INonStructuralFolder in AddItemAction.enabled if context is folderish.
  • Use id in column item if title not set in FolderColumn.

New in version 1.0 Beta 5 (October 21st, 2010)

  • Check for 'Add portal content' permission in OFSPasteAction.enabled.
  • Check for 'Delete objects' permission in OFSCutAction.enabled.
  • Check for 'Modify portal content' permission in EditAction.enabled.
  • Only show control panel and addon configuration links in root column if user is manager.
  • Protect browser views from within against anonymous user.
  • Bind finder trigger to View permission.
  • Adopt browser view's permissions for non managers.
  • Use i18n messages in actions and use context.translate.
  • CSS fix for IE6

New in version 1.0 Beta 4 (October 20th, 2010)

  • Refactor finder actions
  • Add View interfaces
  • Fix uid property in ATDetails column view
  • Fix initial finder rendering when called on leaf object located in plone root
  • Enable paste action on plone root content

New in version 1.0 Beta 3 (October 13th, 2010)

  • Add action hook for view action resetting finder bda.plone.finder cookie [rnix]
  • Deliver context URL for ajax calls from server [rnix]
  • bda.plone.finder cookie can contain url's now (beside value 'autoload') which define the actual context to be used as base url for auto load [rnix]
  • Rename perform_action to perform_ajax and add follow_action_link function as non ajax callback for actions [rnix]
  • Change autoload logic, remove from server side action definitions and let do JS action callbacks the work [rnix]
  • Enable before hooks on non ajax actions [rnix]
  • Wrap finder JS code inside (function($) { ... })(jQuery); block and use $ instead of jQuery [rnix]
  • Refactor actions performing and corresponding hooks [rnix]
  • Add minified finder.js [rnix]

New in version 1.0 Beta 2 (October 11th, 2010)

  • Remove li.cut dom elems after paste action [rnix]
  • Add finder.base_url in JS to fix ajax request context [rnix]
  • Tested in Chrome browser [rnix]
  • Do not cache ajax requests [rnix]
  • Scroll column to selected item if necessary [rnix]
  • Disable navigate right arrow on init [rnix]
  • Initially render context column when opening finder on plone root [rnix]
  • JS cleanup and documentation [rnix]