basemap Changelog

New in version 1.0.6

January 14th, 2013
  • fix drawcounties for Python 3.3.
  • update pyproj to version 1.9.3 (remove geographiclib python code, replace with C code from proj4).
  • in contourf and contour, all points outside the map projection region were masked. This meant that if a grid cell was partly inside and partly outside the map projection region, nothing was drawn, leaving a gap along the edge of the map. This was particularly noticeable for very coarse resolution grids. This commit only masks those points more than one grid length beyond the edge of the map projection region. Fixes issue 88.
  • allow for latitude values slightly greater than 90 to exist in shapefiles, (by truncating to 90). Still raise exception if latitude exceeds 90.01.
  • added 'wmsimage' method for displaying background image retrieved from a OGC-compliant WMS server using OWSLib ( (requires using 'epsg' keyword to define projection).
  • fix drawing of meridians and parallels for very small map regions (issue 79).
  • add module variable 'latlon_default' that can be used to switch default value of latlon kwarg to True so plotting methods can be passed lats and lons (geographic coordinatsin degrees) instead of x,y (projection coordinates).
  • have drawcoastlines use line segments instead of coastline polygons, to avoid 'thickening' of lines around edges of map.
  • added support for cylindrical equal area ('cea') projection.
  • add 'arcgisimage' method for displaying background image retrieved from an ArcGIS server using the REST API (requires using 'epsg' keyword to define projection).
  • add 'epsg' keyword for defining projections.
  • add 'ellps' keyword (rsphere ignored if ellps given).
  • fixed shiftdata method so it shifts mask along with data (
  • added linestyle keyword to all draw* methods.
  • added 'drawcounties' method ( thanks to Patrick Marsh.
  • fix bug that caused plotting to fail when latlon keyword is explicitly set to False (
  • add latlon keyword to plot and scatter methods (

New in version 0.99.3 (January 14th, 2009)

  • if upper right/lower left corners nor width/height given for azimuthal equidistant ('aeqd') the whole world is drawn in a circle (only works for perfect spheres, not ellipsoids).
  • have check for already installed pyshapelib (just like it does for httplib2 and pydap).
  • Basemap will now look for it's data in BASEMAPDATA. If that env var not set, it will fall back to it's default location.
  • if readshapefile is called with drawbounds=True, a LineCollection object is appended to the returned tuple.
  • make sure drawmapscale method returns a list of objects that can be iterated over to remove them from the plot.
  • fillcontinents was returning just last Polygon instance. Now returns a list of all Polygon instances.
  • bluemarble/warpimage: pass kwargs to imshow, return Image instance.

New in version 0.99.2 (December 11th, 2008)

  • fix drawlsmask method so that it works for cylindrical projections with limits outside (-180,180).
  • added 'scale' keyword to bluemarble and warpimage methods to downsample image background.
  • Made lat_ts default to 0 for mercator.
  • Now can specify just lon_0 for all cylindrical projections (to produce global map centered on lon_0).
  • Added example, showing how to re-use a map background without redrawing coastlines.
  • Added example (courtesy of Mauro Cavalcanti).
  • Added masked array support to shiftgrid function (thanks to Jesper Larsen).
  • defer import of netcdf stuff till it is needed (in NetCDFFile function).
  • Added McBryde-Thomas Flat Polar Quartic (projection = 'mbtfpq'), Gall Stereographic Cylindrical (projection = 'gall') and van der Grinten (projection = 'vandg').
  • fix bugs in warpimage and bluemarble methods for several projections.
  • bugfix patch for rotate_vector from David Huard. David also contributed the beginnings of a test suite.
  • make sure scatter method sets pyplot color mappable.
  • added cubed_sphere example.
  • updated NetCDFFile to use pupynere 1.0.2 (now can write as well as as read!).
  • now works with geos version 3.
  • added "proj4string" Basemap instance variable.
  • testgdal example now uses gdal to read topo data from a raster DEM file and ogr to read state boundaries from a shape file.
  • warpimage method can now handle gray-scale images, and images specifed as URLs (for example, the Blue Marble images from