aumix Changelog

New in version 2.9.1

May 6th, 2010
  • icon is now compatible with KDE panel (Bruce Sass)
  • cursor is no longer blue on exit from full-screen mode (Michael Lee Yohe)
  • loading a color scheme from a file works again
  • a crash caused by wrong parsing of options is fixed (Kees Cook)
  • build system and internationalization updated to use latest autotools and gettext idioms (code credit: Owen Taylor, Alexandre Oliva, Gordon Matzigkeit, Bruno Haible, Ulrich Drepper, and the Free Software Foundation)
  • fixed a bug that could leave the terminal unusable on exit from full-screen mode (Aleksey Cheusov)
  • non-ASCII shortcut keys, such as in the Swedish translation, now work (Mikael Hedin)
  • support for obsolete GTK+ 1.2 has been removed
  • documentation mentions new mailing lists instead of defunct one
  • in full-screen mode, record/play indicators are only redrawn when their state changes (Romain Francoise)
  • when an error occurs in GTK+ mode, an error message is now printed and aumix will not try to close a window that has not yet been opened (Bas Zoetekouw)
  • a bug where mute script saved the wrong settings is fixed (Owen Leonard/Cory Wiltshire)
  • in full-screen mode, the cursor is placed next to the active control, to ease reading on a Braille terminal (Sébastien Hinderer)
  • bootstrap script added
  • in the aumix.1 man page, -i, -o, -r and -W options are now properly documented, and hyphens are changed to minus signs (Romain Francoise, Tibor Csögör and Stefan Ott)
  • a syntax error was fixed in the xaumix.1 man page (Stefan Ott)
  • in full-screen mode, the balance arrow is now erased once a balance control is no longer active (Romain Francoise)
  • new shortcut key "0" sets maximum level or extreme right balance (Romain Francoise)
  • error messages are now more informative (Stefan Ott)
  • in full-screen mode, the active device is shown more prominently
  • the shortcut key for muting was changed, and now works in the German language (Bernhard Reiter)
  • a crash when the HOME environment variable is set but empty has been fixed (Eduard Bloch)
  • the DISPLAY environment variable is now ignored if it is set, but empty (Bas Zoetekouw)