aMule Changelog

New in version 2.2.6

September 18th, 2009
  • Fixed obfuscated server UDP communication.
  • Fixed cross-endian Kad node verification.
  • Fixed name conflict in builtin PHP parser.
  • Fixed configure finding unwanted Crypto++ installations.
  • Properly update transfers tab's bottom pane's title.
  • Fixed a bug in detecting and using the fallocate() function.
  • Now really fixed that security issue.
  • Fixed HTTP download if server transmits no content-length
  • Fixed several cases of amulecmd printing zero on big endian machines
  • Fixed amuleweb crashing on tiny downloads
  • Added version resources to MSVC binaries
  • Fixed wrong search text in search dialog after deleting a tab
  • Fixed download limit in amuled (which was 50% of what was set)
  • Fix amuleweb progress bar display for files > 4GB

New in version 2.2.5 (May 17th, 2009)

  • This release fixes some serious bugs of the 2.2.4 release.

New in version 2.2.3 (December 28th, 2008)

  • Fixes for less popular compilers, shells.
  • >= 4GB fixes
  • Fixed GTK crash on closing search tabs.
  • Disabled ED2K/UPnP prefs if ED2K/UPnP is disabled
  • Windows: fixed broken core timer.