New in version 0.89.20

February 7th, 2011
  • New Code base
  • Much faster, better update routine (No WGET or CURL)
  • Expanded wishlist & offer list
  • More coin information fields
  • Added Canadian Coin Catalog
  • Added The Netherlands Coin Catalog
  • Update other Catalogs
  • Updated GUI

New in version 0.83.9f (May 10th, 2010)

  • MAIN: Updated for Ubuntu 10.04
  • MAIN: Resolved a bug in the update procedure
  • MAIN: Possible to search for Sovereigns on
  • MAIN: A few GUI elements are better
  • COLLECTION: The information Various (eg. Language, Variation) get saved too.
  • COLLECTION: PRINT: The collection list now includes the Various information
  • COLLECTION: Made the detail panel more size aware.
  • ADD COIN: Add more than 1 of the same coin
  • CATALOG: Added more pictures & coins

New in version 0.82 (September 14th, 2009)

  • Added a print option in the contect menu when choosing a coin
  • Put Print Copies on 1 by default
  • Realigned printing a bit
  • More translations
  • More pictures (Belgian Catalog)
  • A lot of Catalog updates
  • Added a lot of Belgian Dealers
  • Possible to use Country, Currency and mintage years in the colletion Dialog
  • While (re)loading / updating catalog all buttons are disabled
  • Possible to scroll through the coin details when the collection dialog is too small
  • Possible to in/ex-clude Restrikes and patterns

New in version 0.80 (July 1st, 2009)

  • Choose a folder to WGET or CURL
  • Value of Collection calculated
  • Printing should be better than before. Possible to setup the Print Detail (Picture, One or all coins)
  • More English translations
  • If catalog file has not been found or renamed, it is possible to choose a catalog file
  • Better translation when choosing a new language
  • Choosing a new currency works without restart

New in version 0.74 (April 28th, 2009)

  • Updated British Catalog (2000+ coins)
  • Removed empty currency error
  • Online Catalog Updates
  • Online Language Updates
  • Online Clubs & Dealers Updates
  • You need CURL or WGET to use this function
  • Known Issues:
  • Printing more than once gives an error (You have to restart the program to print again)

New in version 0.70 (March 12th, 2009)

  • Catalog can be viewed in different currencies (Euro, Dollar, Pound, Yen)
  • Collection is currency aware
  • Collection gets updated everytime catalog is updated (optional)
  • Possible to change Collection Owner & description
  • Coin Clubs feature added
  • Printing Coin Details, Dealers & Clubs
  • Language change does not need a restart anymore
  • MAC: browser work
  • English language Updated
  • British Catalog Updated
  • Link to Application Blog
  • Available in GTK2 & QT4

New in version 0.60 (January 26th, 2009)

  • Added a Wish List
  • Added Print Support (Wishlist and Collection, Primitive)
  • Added Grading Overview
  • Added Dealer Directory
  • Updated Statistics
  • Updated French (Incomplete) and English translations
  • Updated All Catalogs
  • Updated and Polished button and dialog layout
  • Faster translations by bigger cache
  • Better file check at initial start

New in version 0.50 (November 24th, 2008)

  • Updated Belgian Catalog (1307 coins)
  • Updated British Catalog (1184 coins)
  • Updated English & French translations
  • Updated to GTK2
  • Updated graphical glitches
  • Search in Catalog works
  • More Info available when browsing your collection
  • Show your pictures added to your collection
  • Sorting possible by drag and drop
  • Sorting possible by double click grid
  • Sorting your collection can now be saved
  • More Internet browsers found

New in version 0.40 (October 29th, 2008)

  • Updated British Catalog
  • Updated Pictures for Belgian Catalog
  • Remembers up to 3 opened Collections
  • Possible to Edit, Delete and Add coins to collection
  • Possible to sort Catalog and Collection
  • More info shown in Collection Dialog
  • Updated Statistics and information about used Catalog
  • Added toolbar in Collection
  • A lot of minor updates