Zenwalk Core Changelog

New in version 6.4

June 20th, 2010
  • Zenwalk Core is a one of a kind complete 300MB base Zenwalk system designed to build high-performance / high-security non-GUI Linux servers, or to be used as the base of your own custom light-speed Desktop System. You'll be amazed how it can be installed in just 10 minutes using the auto-install setup option on a dedicated disk : then you're ready to query the Netpkg repository to install your desktop of choice, or any network servers like Apache, Postfix, … in case you're a network administrator. Feel free to check our repository for availability of any application, you'll notice it's fairly complete (you can also use Slackware packages as Zenwalk 6.4 is Slackware compatible).
  • Zenwalk Core 6.4 provides the kernel with the new BFS scheduler, designed for the best interactivity on multi-core CPUs while taking the most of lower spec machines. You'll notice better responsiveness of many applications, better realtime performance (very low latency), and efficiency of niced commands (compilation tasks can really be niced in a way they don't disturb other tasks). Other changes since Zenwalk Core 6.2 are : more complete set of libraries, no pre-installed servers, just pure Zenwalk “Core” !

New in version 6.2 (November 9th, 2009)

  • Like the plain 6.2, Zenwalk Core 6.2 is mostly new code (nearly all packages have been updated), and the base system has been slightly modified (EXT4, kernel The switch to LZMA for package compression has reduced the overall size of the ISO image (170MB).
  • Kernel
  • LZMA compression for packages
  • EXT4 as main filesystem
  • Faster boot (tuned init scripts)
  • bus auto-detection in the installer (will choose appropriate kernel depending on the architecture, sata, pata, scsi)
  • latest dev tools ...