Yum Repo Sync Changelog

New in version 2.0

January 21st, 2011
  • An INSTALL document was created,
  • The Makefile and Changelog were updated.
  • The FUZZY, SPARSE, and PARTIAL default options were moved to the configuration file.
  • A default value can be changed using the configuration file.
  • An optional delete-excluded flag was added to the configuration file.
  • The license was changed to GPLv3.
  • An option to limit I/O bandwidth was added.
  • Verbose mode does not include rsync progress; instead, it uses --itemize-changes.
  • The progress flags for createrepo were removed.
  • The repodata management was changed.
  • All the transport optimizers were added as flags.
  • All optimizer flags and DELETE have defaults.
  • Verbose English comments were written.
  • yum-repo-sync is now installed into /usr/sbin.