New in version 1.0 93plus1

March 22nd, 2014
  • Rebase against Valve 2014-02-17 ISO combined with updatelevel 93 packages from alchemist_beta (Rocket GitHub issue 29, 30, 33)
  • Added support for dmraid (software RAID; tested on Intel only)
  • Added support for ATI cards not supported by proprietary fglrx driver. Tested on Radeon 4550
  • Include patched partman-target.udeb (Valve GitHub issue 161)

New in version 2014-01-08u1 (January 14th, 2014)

  • Rebase against Valve 2014-01-08 release
  • Added support for Logical Volume Management (disables recovery partition if used for /, /boot/recovery, or swap)
  • Added support for md software RAID (disables recovery partition if used for /, /boot/recovery, or swap; may also support FakeRAID but untested!)

New in version 2013-12-19 Beta 2 (January 6th, 2014)

  • Fixed regression in audio between first and second releases (added steam and desktop users to pulse-access group)
  • Modified Pulse config to not force a specific sound card, and to restore card volume on boot
  • Shipped a replacement debootstrap, which will not fail at random on users' systems when generating their own image
  • Included all non-Free firmware from Debian Wheezy
  • Added ntfsprogs-udeb to allow NTFS resizing in the installer
  • Deleted unneeded 32-bit installer files, freeing about 300MB from the image size
  • Include pavucontrol in the installaton