New in version 1.2.6

February 1st, 2009
  • now threads with unread watched articles are underlined
  • added a visualization option that lets you hide threads without watched articles fixed a bug that caused XPN not to kill old articles reapplying rules
  • fixed a bug that caused crashes when using ID with extended chars

New in version 1.2.5 (September 17th, 2008)

  • The article management was rewritten, so now the articles are stored in an SQLite database.
  • Article management now is faster and easier.
  • Your xpn-1.0.0 groups and articles will be automatically imported and converted to the new format.
  • A filter toolbar was added that lets you filter the articles by Subject, From, and Body content.
  • The algorithm used to build the discussion threads was improved.
  • The menus and some windows were revisited.
  • Automatic download of headers periodically was added.
  • Some minor fixes and refinements were made.