XMLmind XML Editor Changelog

New in version 5.8.1

February 12th, 2014
  • New add-on called "Google virtual drive plug-in" (Google and Google Drive are trademarks of Google Inc.)
  • This add-on allows you to work directly on Google Drive as if it were your local hard drive. It's not a file synchronization tool. It makes accesses to Google Drive in real time. Of course, it does not not require you to install the Google Drive desktop application on your computer.
  • This add-on aims to turn Google Drive into a a zero-install, inexpensive, yet capable (autoversioning, full-text search) XML document repository. Such XML document repository is typically used by a group of technical writers working on the same set of files.
  • That's why this add-on will automatically write-lock XML documents opened in XMLmind XML Editor. Moreover, saving repeatedly to Google Drive a write-locked document will create only a single revision of this document.
  • On the downside, Google Drive is very slow (very high latency), even compared to other remote storage facilities such as FTP and WebDAV servers. In rare occasions, Google Drive may become slow to the point of being unusable. It may also report hard to understand errors. However these errors are always harmless for your files and for XMLmind XML Editor.
  • This being said, lots of development efforts have been made to ensure that the combination of XMLmind XML Editor and the Google virtual drive plug-in always works acceptably.
  • Like all the other virtual drive plug-ins, this add-on is not included by default in XMLmind XML Editor distributions. You'll have to download it and install it using menu item "Options|Install Add-ons".
  • Other enhancements:
  • Several enhancements had to be implemented in order to be able to work acceptably on Google Drive:
  • It is now possible to load the images referenced by a document after the body of the document, in a background task. When this option is turned on, you'll quickly see the body of the document and after that, each image referenced in the document will be revealed one after the other.
  • This new "Load images in a background task" option, is found in Options|Preferences, View section. It's default value "Remote images only", specifies that only images stored on remote filesystems (e.g. WebDAV, FTP, Google Drive, etc) should be loaded after the body of the document, in a background task.
  • The right-click popup menu of the "Browse Files" tool (displayed after selecting any of the items of menu "File|Folder") has a new Revisions entry. This entry is present only when the underlying storage facility supports file versioning (e.g. Google Drive).
  • The Revisions entry displays a dialog box listing all the revisions of the document being selected in the "Browse Files" tool. The dialog box allows to open and to compare selected revisions.
  • The "Browse Files" tool, and also the URL chooser dialog box, now display a progress dialog box when a Lock, Unlock, Paste, Rename or Delete operation takes more than 1 second to complete.
  • The "Browse Files" tool now specifies the MIME types of the files it transfers (i.e. using drag&drop or copy/paste), which is important to let Google Drive index the contents of these files.
  • The auto-save facility (Options|Preferences, Save section) no longer displays progress or error dialog boxes. It now works entirely “behind the scene”.
  • Suffice now to move the caret is inside a word to be able to use the entries of the "Search|Web Search" submenu. Previously, these entries were enabled only after an explicit text selection.
  • The dialog box displayed by "Help|About XMLmind XML Editor" now displays extensive information about the runtime environment of XXE. Moreover, it now has a Copy button allowing to copy this information to the clipboard. Please do not forget to attach this information to the bug reports you send us.
  • Using "File|Save As" to save a document opened in read-only mode now makes it switch to the normal read-write mode. This new behavior is deemed to be more intuitive for the user.
  • It is now possible to remove or replace items inside user interface elements such as menus or tool bars. In previous versions, it was only possible to extend such user interface elements by adding items.
  • Made the WebDAV plug-in more lightweight by removing its dependency on the excellent Woodstox StAX implementation. This plug-in now uses the StAX (XML pull parser) implementation found in the Java 1.6+ runtime.
  • Upgraded XMLmind DITA Converter (ditac for short) to version 2.5.0_02, which allows to generate Web Help whose integrated search facility supports stemming.
  • Upgraded the XMLmind XSL-FO Converter (XFC for short) plug-in to version 4.8.2.
  • Bug fixes:
  • Selecting some text and then invoking Search|Replace or "Search|Replace Backwards" indeed initialized the Replace field of the Search tool with the text selection. However the first replacement performed by the Search tool skipped this initial text selection.
  • The Folder tool didn't show that the original file was unlocked when "File|Save As" was used to save this file to another folder.
  • The Folder tool didn't show that a file created using "File|New" when option "Immediately save newly created document" was turned on.
  • Unlike XXE, the convertdoc command-line tool, which is in fact XXE without a GUI, did not support URLs other than "file:", "http:", "https:" and "ftp:" URLs. It now supports any URL scheme implemented by the means of a virtual drive plug-in. For example, convertdoc now supports "ftps:", "sftp:" and "google:" URLs.
  • Incompatibilities:
  • The following add-ons "WebDAV virtual drive plug-in", "FTP virtual drive plug-in", "Integrated spreadsheet engine" are no longer included in XXE distributions. You now need to explicitly download and install these add-ons using menu item "Options|Install Add-ons".
  • The following add-on is no longer available: "W3C XML Schema configuration".
  • XXE_install_dir/bin/xxe.bat has been replaced by xxe-c.bat, which starts XXE with a console. On Windows, a console is needed to be able to see low-level error messages, for example, when developing custom configurations or extensions.
  • Interface com.xmlmind.xmleditapp.vdrive.DriveFactory and base class com.xmlmind.xmleditapp.vdrive.Drive have slightly changed. The implementations of third-party virtual drives must be recompiled after making a couple of small changes in the code.

New in version 4.4 (September 6th, 2009)

  • Sun's ``next generation JavaTM plug-in'' can be used to run XMLmind XML Editor (Professional Edition only) as an applet. See demo.
  • Integrated support for input methods (e.g. Japanese Romaji Input).
  • Several other enhancements make XMLmind XML Editor (all editions) more comfortable to use.