XML Tree Editor Changelog

New in version

February 26th, 2013
  • Fixes:
  • Wrong font color for notification window changed casting in PostMessage from LongInt to PtrInt
  • Attributes grid did not receve focus on mouse click
  • Tree View did not show the image on active row
  • Preview pane uses now the same font, as the tree view
  • Improvements:
  • Show parents mode
  • Options menu with simple options editor parents are shown in the preview pane
  • Search facilities - first occurence of the search model is highlighted in the preview pane two popup menus depending on if the document is loaded or not reference form has a preview pane reference tree view is diplayed exactly same way as main one more keyboard shortcuts added
  • Replicate Node is now available straight from Reference form commands added - Save Attribute and Value and Add Attribute (and its value) from the list position in the tree restored when re-opening last edited file commands added to Reference Tree - Find Same Node and Next Missing