GNU Wget Changelog

New in version 1.16.2

March 1st, 2015
  • Native uuid generation on Windows
  • Fix build on Solaris
  • Allow progress bar on stderr when -o is used
  • Accept 5-digit port numbers in FTP EPSV responses.
  • Support older versions of flex.
  • Updated translations.

New in version 1.16.1 (December 8th, 2014)

  • Add --enable-assert configure option.
  • Use pkg-config to check for libraries presence.
  • Do not limit --secure-protocol=auto|pfs to TLSv1.0.
  • Add --secure-protocol=TLSv1_1|TLSv1_2 .
  • Full C89 source code compliance.
  • Select and use the most secure authentication scheme with HTTP connections.
  • Fix issues with turkish locales.
  • Handle 504 Gateway Timeout.
  • New option --crl-file to load Certificate Revocation Lists.
  • Add valgrind support to tests suite.
  • Fix an off-by-one problem in the progress bar (introduced in 1.16).

New in version 1.15 (January 19th, 2014)

  • Add support for --method.
  • Add support for file names longer than MAX_FILE.
  • Support FTP listing for the FTP Server on Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Fix a regression when -c and --content-disposition are used together.
  • Support shorthand URLs in an input file.
  • Fix -c with servers that don't specify a content-length.
  • Add support for MD5-SESS
  • Do not fail on non fatal GNU TLS alerts during handshake.
  • Add support for --https-only. When used wget will follow only HTTPS links in recursive mode.
  • Support Perfect-Forward Secrecy in --secure-protocol.
  • Fix a problem with some IRI links that are not followed when contained in a HTML document.
  • Support some FTP servers that return an empty list with "LIST -a".
  • Specify Host with the HTTP CONNECT method.
  • Use the correct HTTP method on a redirection.

New in version 1.12 (September 23rd, 2009)

  • SECURITY FIX: It had been possible to trick Wget into accepting SSL certificates that don't match the host name, through the trick of embedding NUL characters into the certs' common name. Fixed by Joao Ferreira.
  • Added support for CSS. This includes:
  • Parsing links from CSS files, and from CSS content found in HTML style tags and attributes.
  • Supporting conversion of links found within CSS content, when --convert-links is specified.
  • Ensuring that CSS files end in the ".css" filename extension, when --convert-links is specified.
  • CSS support in Wget is thanks to Ted Mielczarek.
  • Added support for Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs, RFC 3987). When support is enabled (requires libidn and libiconv), links with non-ASCII bytes are translated from their source encoding to UTF-8 before percent-encoding. IRI support was added by Saint Xavier, as his project for the Google Summer of Code.
  • Wget now provides more sensible exit status codes when downloads don't proceed as expected (see the manual).
  • --default-page option (and associated wgetrc command) added to support alternative default names for index.html.
  • --ask-password option (and associated wgetrc command) added to support password prompts at the console.
  • The --input-file option now also handles retrieving links from an external file.
  • The output generated by the --version option now includes information on how it was built, and the set of configure-time options that were selected.
  • --html-extension has been renamed to --adjust-extension, to reflect the fact that it now also applies to CSS content. --html-extension is still acceptable, but is now deprecated.
  • An "ascii" specifier is now accepted by --restrict-file-names, which forces the percent-encoding of all non-ASCII bytes
  • Several previously existing, but undocumented .wgetrc options are now documented: save_headers, spider, and user_agent, auth_no_challenge, and keep_session_cookies. Also added documentation for the "lowercase" and "uppercase" values for --restrict-file-names, which had been present since Wget 1.11.