New in version 4.0

August 27th, 2013
  • Support for VLC and GStreamer 1.0 on Linux.
  • Support for building 64-bit binaries for Windows.
  • Support for GTK-3 on Windows.
  • Buttons to jump 1 and 10 minutes forward or backward and also to jump to the beginning of the film.
  • Menu options to shift timing (by adding/subtracting fixed time) and for expanding (by multiplying/dividing by a fixed value) for all subtitles from the current one onward.
  • Original video size is now preserved in GStreamer.

New in version 3.0 (November 15th, 2012)

  • Support for GTK3 as well as GTK2, choice will be made at compile time.
  • Support for GStreamer for video playback. Windows support (limitations: vbsd is not available; GTK-2 only is supported, no GTK-3 yet; GStreamer is the only player supported, no MPLayer).
  • Support for i18n via gettext (provided translations for Bulgarian, Russian, English).
  • vbss improvements: font family & face selection, font colour and background selection, font justification selection (all via vbsc).
  • vbsd now can be started by a System V init or by systemd.
  • Proper startup scripts are provided.