VidMasta Changelog

New in version 18.6

January 30th, 2015
  • CHANGE: UI | Added new playlist setting to show/hide non-video items (e.g. images) that hides by default
  • CHANGE: UI | Improved progress reporting when playing a playlist item
  • CHANGE: UI | Moved all playlist settings to new playlist menu
  • CHANGE: UI | Improved opening, closing, and positioning of windows
  • CHANGE: UI | Refocused VidMasta's main window when there is an attempt to re-open VidMasta while already open
  • CHANGE: UI | Zero-padded minute of date shown when downloading proxies
  • CHANGE: UI | Improved save filename for torrents
  • CHANGE: UI | Added uninstaller to Programs/Uninstall window for Windows

New in version 18.5 (January 7th, 2015)

  • CHANGE: CORE | Fixed bug that sometimes prevents restoring playlist between restarts of VidMasta
  • CHANGE: CORE | Remembered playlist auto-open preference
  • CHANGE: UI | Improved progress reporting when stopping a playlist item
  • CHANGE: UI | Added keyboard shortcuts for playlist item remove and play/stop actions
  • CHANGE: UI | Added ability to double-click a playlist item to play/stop it
  • CHANGE: UI | Showed tip about watching/streaming playlist items to a television or other device
  • CHANGE: UI | Improved message shown when a download link or watch source is not found for a video
  • CHANGE: UI | Improved format of date shown when downloading proxies
  • CHANGE: UI | Fixed hyperlinks for Mac

New in version 17.8 (August 1st, 2014)

  • Show previous episode in summary in addition to next/current episode that is already shown for TV shows
  • Fixed bug in which next episode in summary for TV shows is sometimes too far in the future
  • Fixed minor bug in which cancellation message is sometimes shown when emailing all links is cancelled
  • Added ability to reset a profile before clearing it
  • Added some tooltip messages

New in version 17.7 (June 30th, 2014)

  • Set default download link timeout to 0 for instantaneous opening of download links when auto-downloading is enabled
  • Improved accuracy of TV show episode download link searches
  • Improved error recovery and reporting when opening/saving download links
  • Added ability to email and copy download links, stream links, and trailer links. Added ability to copy subtitle links
  • Improved sorting of title, year, and rating table columns by conversion from formatted text to plain text, from text to whole number, and from text to rational number respectively prior to sorting
  • Improved positioning and timing of windows
  • Fixed bug preventing copying of discontiguous table rows

New in version 17.4 (April 4th, 2014)

  • Removed inaccurate and no longer necessary (since version 17.0) blocked port and bad IP filtering checks that may be incorrectly triggered when a download link is not found
  • Updated list of untrusty IPs that are automatically filtered
  • Improved formatting of download link name shown in message dialogs
  • Made first country and language selections visible without the need to scroll

New in version 17.3 (March 27th, 2014)

  • Improved download link performance by improved caching
  • Added download link timeout selection to connection timeout dialog for finer control